Сaptivating other sports like Chess, Boxing, and Badminton

By Anjana Mazumdar
I have sweet and beautiful dreams of my country. I am a resident of India. She is my beloved motherland. I am proud of being an Indian. I wish that my country may rise to a great nation. She should help her neighbours and may give them the message of peace. I wish that my country should become militarily strong and be fully prepared in this nuclear age for defense. I wish that no foreign country may dare attack again, like the plundering raids of the old times. We should try to live peacefully with our neighbours. But we should not lack in our security in the name of peace. Hence, I wish she should become first rate world power in terms of military strength. I wish that my country should become a messenger for peace in the world India’s great culture and civilization had once spread in the far corners of the world. I wish that she should send her cultural envoys once again to spread the ancient Indian culture.

I wish that India should lead the world in the field of spiritualism. I wish that our saints and seers must once again start towards the distant lands to spread our great and glorious culture. I wish that there would be no illiterate person in India of my dream, wish that India should introduce such system of education as should enable every citizen to earn his or her living. I wish that my government should educate each citizen. Adult education, female education and auction of children should be made compulsory. I wish that India should become a highly industrialized nation. She should start cottage industries in villages and heavy industries in cities. I wish that our country should make great progress in science.

India should make use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes. India should send rockets to the space and should advance in the field of science and make her own military requirements. We should establish big factories to produce all sorts of machines. I wish that in India there should be no poor person. As Gandhiji said, “we have to wipe away every tear from every eye”. Freedom becomes meaningful only if we help the poor folk to rise in prosperity. I would like to see India a great nation in the world. These are my dreams about the would be India.

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