All you need is love

“All you need is love”, it’s perfectly described by the Beatles, and indeed it is. Love, the greatest gift of all, the most important thing for every single one of us. Loving your friends, your family, your pets, or, especially, that precious boy or girl, man or woman. It’s the phenethylamine that makes us fall in love and gives us that incredible feeling when we see a special person. After a few years our body gets used to that hormone and the endorfines in our brain take over. They give us the warm, calm, safe feeling with a person. However we live in a society where we can all fall in love with the person we want, there are still places in the world where people can’t. Forbidden love or arranged marriages, it sounds way too outdated to us, but it unfortunately still exists today. When we say love, hate isn’t far away. It’s mostly considered as the opposite of love, but we have to see it badly enough as a synonym. Lots of relationships go wrong and end up in hating each other or in very few cases it ends up in harming each other or even killing each other, which is called a crime of passion.

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Why does it go wrong? Wasn’t love the most precious thing on earth? Well, with love comes crave to be with a person, jealousy, fear to lose that person and discussions with that person, which leads often to distrust. When you are loved and have everything you need, it’s apparently not so difficult for too many people to flirt with others or even cheat. For many couples, the fourteenth of February is the day to prove their love, but for others it’s exactly the same average day. Every Valentine’s day tons of flowers and tons of chocolate are sold all around the world, not speaking of the incredible amount of money that is spent on that day. For the happy singles in the world, there is Singles Awareness Day (SAD), also on the fourteenth of February. Valentine’s day or not, we should prove our love also every other day of the year. There can be concluded that without love the world would not survive, we have to make love not war. Every person should be able to love the one he wants, without being judged, being harmed or being forced to. The Beatles are absolutely right: “Love is all you need”.

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