Case Study – Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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27 April 2016

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C. I would say that Paul Campbell is an example of Labour. I think this because the Case study states that he ‘heads’ the company. This statement could suggest that he has a managerial role in the company, which would therefor mean that he is skilled in that particular domain and that he has experience. This could also suggest that he is a paid employee and that he earns a better living than the people working in the kitchen or the servers working in the restaurant. However, some could suiggest that he is an example of enterprise as the statement ‘heads the company’ could also mean that he is the owner of GBK. He might be a owner of the company or a stakeholder which involve some risk taking and some entrepreneurial skills. This being said, I still think that Paul Campbell is an example of Labour and not Enterprise.

2) I believe that GBK is mainly involved in Secondary production and Tertiary production. I would say they are involved in secondary production as the definition of secondary production is the process of converting a primary product into a finished good and that is exactly what GBK are doing. They convert primary goods such as meat and potatoes into burgers and chips. The finished burgers and chips then act as input for the busines. GBK purshase the ingredients needed to create their burgers and then turn the ingredients into the burgers.

I also think that GBK is involved in tertiary production as they are commercialising their product in a personal way. They directly sell their product to the customers and not through another company which could be the case for other products such as Michelin tyres, where the tyres are sold in Michelin stores but also through other tyre shops. GBK are provide a service, but also leads to the production of a meal (the burgers) from the raw material (the ingredients).

3) In my opinion, I think GBK could use feeback in order to improve efficiency by using things such customer comments. By using customer comments, they can indentify common complaints such as slow service or rude staff. This would allow them to focuse on what needs to be done/changed to improve the service, quality of food. Customer feedback can help you uncover flaws in your business, whether there’s a technical problem with your website or whether your prices are too high.

4) Sales Revenue – cost of bought in materials, component and services. £8 – £0.30 = £7.70 The added value on a pizza is £7.70

5) In terms of Labour, GBK might improve their efficiency by educating the staff in such a way that they can answer any questions asked by a customer, maybe teach them social skills in order to ease their relationships with customers. This would also make the workers happier and make them feel empowered which would lead to them enjoying their work more, it would make them feel important. Another way pf improving their efficiency could be by getting rid of the staff which aren’t satisfying the customers and aren’t showing as much enthousiasm towards their work and customers. This would keep the best employees and make GBK more efficient and more successful.

Graff showing the effects of increasing the efficiency of labour on success of the business. In terms of Capital, GBK could increase efficiency by investing. They could invest in some new kitchen equipment in order to facilitate the cooking of the burgers and chips. They could also invest in computarised booking, which would facilitate the whole booking idea for customers.

Through this, they could also get known by the public if their name is on a few websites, this could increase the demand for GBK. Another way in which they could make their business more efficient would be by using new credit card machines which is to date with the latest technology so that the customers can pay online or from the telephones. In terms of Entreprise, GBK could increase/decrease their willingness to take risks in order to find the right balance and the efficiency needed. They could try new exclusive dishes for example, wich could lead to an increase in GBK demand or in a complete fall. This would be an example of enterprise as it
is a matter of making decisions and taking risks.

6) Higher quality, better service, better staff, more exlusive staff, probably more interested in their jobs, better paid, healthier burgers. More exclusive. Reputation more of a restaurant than fast food. I believe GBK can achieve higher levels of added value than Mc Donalds for many different reasons. Firstly, GBK serves way better quality food than Mc donalds does. This is a huge factor regarding that matter as GBK is seen as an actual restaurant and is more exclusive than Mc Donalds. This may lead to different types of customers going to have a meal in GBK, higher class people who can afford better quality people or just people looking for a ‘healthier’ burger than in Mc Donalds. Secondly, the service in GBK is much more satisfying to customers than in Mc donalds. The staff are better trained, treat the customers kindely, and respect them; which is rarely the case in Mc Donalds.

In Mc Donalds, you just feel like you’re one of so many other customers and you are just one of so many others having a burger, they don’t give you the satisfaction of having made the effort to go out for a meal and don’t make you feel special at all as a customer which is more the case in GBK. This is one of the reasons why GBK can achieve a higher added value. The staff seem better trained and seem to be enjoying their job a huge amount more than in Mc Donalds. Thirdly, the appearence of the two ‘restaurants’ don’t have much in common appart from the fact that they both serve burgers. GBK restaurants look like proper restaurants, staff have nice uniforms, look nicer, they come to you to order your food and overall just seem kinder.

In Mc Donalds, their shops are not very clean, you have to queue to order your food, once the food is ready, which sometimes takes a long time of standing, it’s given to you on a tray. Overall the service in GBK is on a completely different scale than Mc Donalds. Overall, GBK just generally have a higher reputation of quality of service and food thank Mc Donalds which allows them to have higher added value to their products.

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