Delights Nursing Care Home

Here is an induction document explaining any risks or hazards that could potentially result in residents, visitors, and staff being harmed or abused within the nursing home.

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Within the care home there will be some residents and visitors that may require to use a wheelchair or walking frame, this means that hallways can become very crowded and doorways can be awkward to get through. As well as physically disabled people, people with visual or hearing impairments can equally be at risk as if the hallways are blocked and a visually impaired resident has no knowledge of this it could lead them to be confused and potentially end up falling. A hearing impaired resident may not be able to hear if there is an emergency meaning that people have to leave the building quickly this could fault in them being pushed over or them bumping into objects. Hallways should be widened for easy wheelchair access and should be kept clear of furniture and objects making it efficient for all residents. If there is object restricting the residents to move and there was an emergency that requires first aid or a member of staff to assist they would be slowed down in attempt to help them. This is why staff, residents and visitors should be able to move freely, for both comfort and easy.


The Care Homes equipment (hoists, lifting equipment) are stored on the second floor next to the fire exit. This could be a serious risk as if their was to be an accident requiring the residents to evacuate the building quickly this is unlikely to happen as staff would have to go up stairs and possible bring equipment down for the residents. Also if equipment is not sided properly this means that it could be blocking the fire exit meaning no one can exit the building as quickly as possible. The bedrooms are located on two different floors meaning some residents can access the kitchen which is located on the ground floor, this could potentially lead to appliances being turned on accidentally if a resident gets confused or falls switching them on, if a member of staff is not present.


With the Care Home looking after many residents infections can spread quite easily, the staff will have to make sure that they put in place any rules to stop infections from spreading. For example; all dirty laundry should be taken straight to the laundry room be washed, all infected wasted should be disposed of correctly by a member of staff, any medical waste MUST be disposed of immediately after use as this is one of the main ways infections can spread. If precautions are not taken seriously infections can begin to spread meaning the visitors and staff could pick up the infect and take it home. The care home needs to keep all equipment and areas of the home disinfected as elderly people have low immune systems meaning their body does not fight infections of like someone of a younger age.


All of our residents take medication for their disorders. It is vital that these medications are locked up safely in the office and are not left lying around to avoid the risk of someone accidentally taking them and doing themselves harm. Staff must also write down the time and dosage of which medication was dispensed to a resident. If not staff may give too much or too little medication which could seriously affect the resident. Medication must also be labelled with the name of the resident it is intended for. If not, strong medications could be given to the wrong resident which could be fatal.

Working Practices

Every member of staff should have the appropriate training for each resident in the home to avoid mistakes being made. If staff fail to have correct training the residents could be at harm as the staff member might not be able to calm certain residents down in times when they are stressed or be able to handle certain aspects of a resident, like lifting or medication. It could also affect the residents ability to trust staff if they do not know what they are doing as well as making other staff having to undo mistakes being made putting strain of the bond of the staff. The number of staff working in the care home should be efficient with the number of residents present in the care home.

Currently Delights Care Home has a manager, a senior nurse, several care assistants, who all work shift patterns of morning, afternoons and nights as well as two cleaners, a cook, a kitchen assistant and a handy man. All staff should make sure shifts are planed accordingly to decrease the chance of being short staffed, this will reduce the chance of some residents being slightly neglected or left out. Being short staffed could mean residents may not receive their medication on time or wound dressings might not be changed as often leading to infections.

Security Systems
As the care home is situated near the main road it is important to keep security to a maximum. If a resident was to leave the building without a staff member or carer, they could be at risk of being knocked down trying to cross the road or getting lost because their confused. The Delights care home have a double entry door with a key code for staff which must be kept confidential as anybody could come in off the streets and cause harm to the residents, staff or visitors and a bell for any visitors, when the visitors enter the building there is a book they must write in to say they are here this is for health and safety. If there was a fire, this means that everyone in the building could be accounted for. We have a safe where residents can keep their money and valuables. This must be locked as to not tempt theft. This is also where the computer system holding the medical records is. If not kept secure this could breech the confidentiality rights of the residents.

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