Importance of Core Values

The core values ​​of a person are characteristics that define that person. Everyone should know clearly what are their core values ​​and why they have it. The values ​​of a person are formed throughout his life and suffer external influences from family, friends, teachers and the society in which that individual grew. The core values ​​of people show who they really are and guide their choices throughout their lives. As Gandhi once said: “Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”i For many years, I have made ​​clear what are my core values, for this reason, I believe that they are present in a clear and constant way in my day to day.

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My top core values are Fairness, Integrity, Family, Self-acceptance, Respectfulness and Communication.


I believe that fairness is something that should be present in any situation, no matter how simple it may seem if it is not fair, I understand that the situation was conducted improperly. Fairness is something that has always been present in my life. Since childhood I learned what was right and what was not, either through examples in school or at home, and I always try to make my own decisions thinking about the impact it may cause. I always try to make sure I will not be unfair to anyone.


Integrity is another value that I consider essential for anyone. In my opinion, a person who is not straightforward must be observed very carefully, because I understand that this person is not reliable. Much of this value comes from home. Observing their attitudes and hearing advice from my parents, I learned to not only be a person of integrity, but also give much value to this feature. Integrity is essential in life and in the workplace. If a person is not straightforward, he will soon be noticed and will rarely be able to have a successful career. Core values are very important in business, and integrity is essential. Even a person that has great skills but is not straightforward will not stay in a company for a long period. “Beyond building skills, business training must be about values“ii


Family to me is the basis of everything. Who I am, the person I have become, the paths I followed, and the paths avoided too. My core values ​​were built throughout my life, mainly due to my parents’ teachings, according to their moral principles and the Jewish religion. I believe it is very difficult to change our core values​​, but I understand that some situations throughout life can help us to narrow them and sometimes our core values ​​may change. Therefore Jonathan Schonscheck says he can not instill core values ​​in their MBA students and states that “perhaps my role as ethics professor is to reform student values”iii. I owe everything I have to my family. One of my greatest desires is to be able to give my children a life at least as good as the one that my father gives me. I want to build my own family and I hope to raise my children with values ​​similar to those I have. I hope to see them become happy and wonderful people both in their personal and professional lives.

Self- acceptance and Respectfulness

The Ten Commandments speak a lot about respect, one says we Honor our mother and father, other say that we should treat others as ourselves. Actually I see this second example of a somewhat different form. In my view we must treat others, as he/she would like to be treated. Thus, it is easy to see how respectability is important to me. I always say that one must respect to be respected and I understand that respect must be present in any relationship, whether personal or professional. Respect is key to a healthy relationship. However, respecting people’s differences in many relationships is not a simple task. Respect others requires hard work and learning. In my opinion a good way to learn to respect others is to have a good self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is an important tool to know and accept us better.

“Is more important to know who you are than where are you going, for where are you going will change as the world around you changes”iv. If one have a good self-knowledge, and could recognize and accept his own strengths and weaknesses, he become more apt to accept other people the way they are. “Values guide successful leaders in the way they interact and communicate with employees, customers, civil servants, investors and others who surround them”v. Thus, he can understand their differences and it will be easier to deal or create a strong relationship with several kinds of people taking the best of each people and power up their strengths. This ability is essential for a god leader, once “a good part of leading becomes your ability to pick and guide the right people”vi. Choosing the right people help a leader to create a strong team that are aligned with a company’s goals.


It is essential for anyone spend time thinking about what are his or her core values. Once we have clearly defined our core values, we can understand ourselves better and consequently understand the people we deal with in our lives. In our personal life are the decisions we make that define our destiny. The same concept applies to the business world. A company is guided by its Core values. “Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide all of a company’s actions”vii. Our core values are a powerful tool to help us making decisions both in personal and professional life. “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are”viii. As James D. Robinson, 1990’s chairman of American Express Company said: ”our core values represent what we aspire to becomeix”. For this reason it is essential that we know our core values to take right decisions, because it is our decisions that will dictate the course of our life and career.

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