None of The Above Voting

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21 March 2016

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None of The Above or “against all” vote is designed in order to allow the voter to indicate his/her disapproval of all the candidates in the voting system. Election is all about choosing the right candidate, not voting against or showing dissatisfaction over a particular party.

Points in Favor-

· Gives true meaning to democracy

· People will be able to express what they actually want

· Political parties can project right and clear candidates

· Promotes spirit of democracy

The right purpose of democracy is to choose a leader who is fit to run the constituency. A leader has to be selected if he/she is the right candidate, the decision should not be biased. Here, NOTA is a good option because this choice is always better than no voting. At least the political parties can know what people are looking for and right candidates can be presented. It would foster purity and vibrancy of elections, and more and more people will come to vote in order to express whether they are satisfied with the candidates, the political parties represent.

Points against NOTA-

· Lack of proper mechanism

· May lead to wastage of time and money

· Can also lead to re-election

Even if 90% of the voters choose NOTA, the majority of the remaining 10% will be the there will be no point for the voters to choose NOTA. Apart from this, it can be wastage of time. Suppose all the voters choose the NOTA option, then what is point of election? India is a democratic country where leaders are chosen on the basis of votes and if none of the candidates are selected then the whole election is a waste of time. Also it can lead to wastage of money because if no party wins or gets the majority of votes, re-election will be held, requiring a lot of spending.

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