Struggles Overcome

Dan is forty-two years old, but feels as if he has aged thirty years in the past three months. He is always so tired that he must take several naps just to get through the day, and he knows that something must be wrong. Finally, Dan’s doctor says Dan is nearing stage 5 kidney disease and Dan needs to start thinking about a transplant or dialysis treatment options soon. This leaves thousands of people with kidney disease to wonder what lies ahead. Thankfully, two local organizations strive each day to better the lives of dialysis recipients. The Patient Ambassadors Organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving dialysis patients’ quality of life by developing awareness of dialysis issues. The Onalaska Dialysis Clinic offers patients a wide variety of compassionate treatment options to meet their dialysis needs.

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Both the Patient Ambassadors Organization and the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic make a substantial difference in the lives of those in need. The Patient Ambassador Organization is a heartwarming organization that helps thousands of dialysis patients worldwide. The Patient Ambassador Organization (PAO) provides dialysis patients with the education to be their own advocates. Having the right information on how to treat, and live with kidney failure is crucial for survival. The PAO provides videos and publishes free books on coping with dialysis. This education allows dialysis patients to gain control of their lives once again. Along with educating the dialysis patients, the staff at the PAO also helps patients become eligible for a transplant. Many patients are unaware of the very important steps to go through when it comes to receiving a kidney. The PAO helps patients gain access to meet face to face with a transplant coordinator. Not everyone will receive kidney transplant, but many lives are saved each day from organ donation.

Clearly, the PAO has helped patients to face kidney failure with gainful education and the confidence to overcome kidney failure. Along with the PAO, the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic provides resources for individuals battling kidney failure. The clinic offers compassionate care and transportation options. Being able to rely on a trustworthy team is very significant to someone who may be facing a life or death situation. With that concept in mind, the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic always has a staff member available to make patients feel at ease. Whether it’s getting an extra blanket and pillow or just telling a joke to lighten the mood, the staff is always helping patients get through the day. Transportation is also provided for those who are not able to get to and from the clinic. Free bus tickets are funded by the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic, and are given to patients all year round. The Onalaska Dialysis Clinic is my place of employment, and I am very touched each and every day when I enter my role as a Dialysis technician.

The unquestionable compassion that the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic offers to all patients is remarkable. Along with showing compassion on a day to day basis, the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic offers specific holiday programs to help patients to feel more at ease and welcomed. The Onalaska Dialysis Clinic offers its patients a holiday card along with cookies and apple cider. A gentleman once told me that he looks forward to this all year, and it’s the only holiday celebrating that he gets to do. No matter what time of year, the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic is always lending a helping hand. Unfortunately, kidney failure will affect the lives of millions of patients each year. Thanks to the kindness and support of the PAO and the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic, patients have the ability to overcome any obstacle. The compassion is very touching, and gives me faith in humanity. Therefore, staff members of PAO and the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic have touched many lives of dialysis patients worldwide. The impact that the PAO and the Onalaska Dialysis Clinic have made will be acknowledged eternally.

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