Teen Suicides

Every second of the day a person dies and every second of the day a child is born. But did you know that half of the deaths are from suicide. From that half of the suicidal deaths are from teen suicide. Did you know that suicide is the leading cause of death? Or that its one of the top 3 reasons why teenagers are found dead? Every year teens are killed because they suicide. Every day they give up on life and embrace death instead. Just learning this from the news I became interested. Suicide has always interested me because of what I heard and my own personal experience. So when I started to research about this topic I got so many results. Each topic brought up other many sub topics. Each subtopic was like reading an article from an encyclopedia. So after reading I thought of focusing my research on how many teens suicide, why they suicide, what are the signs of suicidal risk, and can you help someone if they are thinking of suicides.

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How many teenagers suicide every day?

Every 40 seconds of everyday around the world a teenager kills themselves by suicide. “After a year has passed over 1 million teenagers have killed themselves by suicide.” ( This is important because after a year has passed more than 1 million kids have killed themselves. This shows that for teenagers they rather welcome death than find a reason to live. For every teenager the ratio for boys to girls are different. “For every one girl that goes through the suicide there are 4 more boys that have already gone through. The ratio for every boy that attempts to suicide there three girls are also attempting suicide too.”( This is importantly significant because it shows that out of the million kids that suicides boys go through it more while the girls try to attempt it more than the boys.

“Every day there are at least 1 out of twelve teenagers that attempt suicide.” ( This is significant because if every teenager around the world was to line up then every twelfth kid of the line would attempt a suicide. It shows that every one out of 12 kids is trying to end their life. I discovered that in an article, “Suicide is the third leading cause for deaths of teens.” ( This is really significant because for teenagers, suicide is easier. It also shows that many teenagers die from aids, cancer and stroke. Another thing I discovered in an article was, “Nearly 60% of all suicide in the United States is committed with a gun.” ( This is important because for 60 percent of the suicide death in the United States of America was from guns. This also shows how easy for teenagers to have access to firearm. With more people aware of how many teenagers are dying and the leading reason is cause of firearms we could stop all of it.

The fact that every 40 seconds a teenager commits suicide was shocking because it shows me that the world is not a perfect place. For teenagers to give up their life for me is like someone beginning to smoke. In my mind they are both the same and they are all horrible for the people close to the person. It’s shocking to know that every year around the world more than a million people die. To find that most of the suicide is from male teenagers it was frightening. This shows that male teenagers are more aggressive than female. Since they are more aggressive they would find more ways to kill themselves. If all my friends were to suicide I would be sad because they would be part of the million of kids to give up. I found that one 1 of twelve teenagers attempt to suicide was more interesting than ever. This to me is interesting because I had personal experience in this because when I was little my sister tried to kill herself. Being little I thought she was messing around but when we got a little bit older she almost did it again but I was able to persuade her to not. Since that girls are more likely attempt to suicide that made my sister part of the statistic.

Another reason this is interesting because if kids suicide every 40 seconds it add ups. I think that this is sad because my friends could be thinking of suicide but I wouldn’t know. Like one of my teachers said everyone has two lives. I didn’t understand it but now I know. Everyone has their school life where they choose to be and then they have their life at home. So if my friends were thinking of wanting to die I wouldn’t know. Another reason this is interesting is because most suicide death is from firearms. To me for people to own firearms I think it is stupid. In my mind if a parent was to own a firearm they should lock it up. If they the weapon out anyone could just walk in and shoot themselves. I hope that teenagers could find a way to life and deaths would go down.

What are some reasons teens commit suicide?

Teenagers commit suicide everyday over simple reasons. For the teenagers them self those reasons are what drive them to act out their final moments. Teenagers “going through major life changes,” might be reason. ( If teens were in a middle of a divorce between their parents they try to escape. This is significant because if kids were going through major life changes they would feel so many emotions. When this happens the teenagers let their emotions rule. “For teenagers, sometimes their overwhelming hopelessness is enough to cause them to take their own lives.” ( ) This is important because if teens fill hopeless then it easier for them to find ways to escape. They would escape with death because they are stuck in impossible situations for them to deal with. Teenagers also suicides because they try to, “escape from overwhelming feeling like rejection, guilt, and sadness.”( ) This is important because some teenagers can’t deal with too much feeling. So they think that attempting suicide might be the only way for them to escape.

I also discovered in an online article about what causes this feelings. “Problems are very real to the teens that are facing them. Teenagers face the pressures of trying fit in socially, to perform academically, and to act responsibly (2).” ( ) This is important because every teenager feels the pressure. When they face the responsibility alone they feel neglected and alone. If they keep feeling like this they think that suicide is their only way out of feeling the pressure. Depression is another leading cause for teen’s suicide. Just like I am, every day teens are found with signs of depression. Depression can sometimes lead to suicide. “Depression may lead teens to focus on their failures and disappointments.” ( ) This is important because it’s a known fact that depression is the leading factor or reason why kids kill them self. If people have depression they feel the worthless so they kill themselves to end the sadness. The reason for many teenagers to end their life because of depression or hopelessness is interesting. It’s interesting because it not just depression that takes over the teenage mind but the feeling of hopelessness. I’m shocked because every teenager has been given for a lot of responsibility. If kids were to deal with this alone it would make them scared. Once they would feel scared then the other feeling would come and over whelm the teenager. I had been overwhelmed by the responsibility and it wasn’t fun. I understood the pain and unworthiness but my parents helped me out. I couldn’t bare the fact if my parents weren’t there to help me.

Another thing I that I was shocked was the research I found about the question. The number one factor for teens to suicide was depression. In my mind I can understand, why. Since I have depression it’s sometime hard to feel happy. For me it’s like having a heavy weight on your shoulder. Another reason this is interesting is because of feeling. When I read that some teenagers kill themselves because they think it’s an escape. If I let my feelings run my actions I would be destroyed because I would be miserable. I can’t imagine someone anyone living like that. If anyone close to me said that they wanted to escape I talk to them. Another reason this is interesting is because major life changes affect decisions of the child. I remember when I was seven I moved to a new house. I was so sad because I was leaving my friends and teachers that I like. When I got in our new house I didn’t like it. I hated everyone and was very stubborn. Then I gave everyone a chance and took over my life. I had to learn the hard way about letting my emotions rule my life but I promised not to go back to that place. In my mind I think everyone has a mind to run their life. But for instance some people can’t handle that pressure. I hope that if people can find their will to live they won’t overdose on drugs or killing themselves. I just hope teenagers can find a way to life.

What are the signs of teens about to attempt suicide?

One teenager every 40 seconds shows signs of them about to either follow through or attempt to suicide. Even though the signs might not be big they are big to the teenager. For some teenagers it is a cry for help. Some teenagers “have dramatic personality changes” ( It might not be a lot but if a teenager was happy one day and then for the rest of the week that teenager is sad, depressed or angry. This is significant because even though the teenager might go through weird changes it’s their way of saying “help me or please notice me.” Another thing I discovered was teenager about to attempt suicide “have and obsession with death, poems, essays and drawings that refer to death itself. ( This is significant because let’s say your teenager never talks about death. If they had suicidal thoughts then they would be fascinated by death because in their mind death is their escape.

If teenagers with suicidal thoughts let their emotions rule their decisions so they’re not thinking rational, “depression with irrational bizarre behavior.” ( This is significant because when teens have overwhelming feeling it run the part of mind that thinks logical. So in the way they lose that logical sense and in a way lose themselves. Teenagers also say things to see if their parents are listening. “I’m thinking of committing suicide or I wish I could just die.” ( Sometimes they whisper it or say I just kidding. But in the end it’s never a joke. It’s important because if a parent doesn’t respond the way a teenager expects them to respond then they feel hopeless. I did some research on my own and saw that teenagers drop hints. They would usually say “I won’t trouble you anymore.” ( This is important because these are calls for help and in their way these signs are a way to let their feelings out.

This question made me very interested because all of the signs are a call for help. In my mind it’s like when a smoker drops hints about what he has does but they are very vague. They are both similar and both a call for help. I’m interested because I know people that are interested in death but they don’t resemble me as someone that is suicidal. This question makes me interested because it is the basic reason why teenagers need our help. If I was in a position where I was need of help and I was scared then I would have drop simple hints. To the people I given the hints to it wouldn’t make sense. It would seem to them that I have gone crazy but it’s my way of saying to them that I need help. If I didn’t get the reaction that I wanted it would make me feel more hopeless and alone.

Many teens around the world face this problem, the problem of feeling hopeless and alone. In a way the teenager’s signs can be saved if anyone could notice and listen. I think it is intriguing for parents that don’t listen to their children. Around the world there are 20 kids who are dropping signs about that they are going to kill themselves. One- third of those kids are noticed but the rest the unlucky ones fill as if they are alone and in the end slowly give up. I couldn’t believe the fact that there are teens who feel alone. In my mind I feel as if people don’t care about their children it’s just like murder straight up murder. I hope that people could just open up their mind and see that suicide is very important.

Can someone help a teenager that has suicide thoughts?

Yes, if parents open their eyes to the signs that their kids are showing to them then they can save the teenager. Articles and doctor say that you should “get help immediately. This is significant because if yo can have the kid talk to someone about their problems then its suppose to help them. The teenager would understand that they are not alone or neglected. Refer to a psychologist ( Another thing the article stated, “Understanding depression in teens is very important since it can look different.” ( This is important because there are at least 4 known types of depression. Even though each one is similar they have certain symptoms that distinguish each other from each one. For teen depression they are different because unlike the other depression teens from some people. Once you understand signs then you could help the teenager. “Watch, listen and ask questions.” ( This is significant because if someone was to watch and listen to their child then they would see that their teenager needs help.

Teenagers also want support from their parents. If parents were to, “keep the lines of communication open and express concern, support,” then they would understand their child ( This is significant because if the teenage confides with the parent then they would feel happy. For them the teenage would feel that the parent is actually taking their concerns very seriously. Suicide is a hard thing for teens to deal with. In the end they don’t know what to do but find their own escape. Reading the article I was astonished by all the things a parent can do but never actually does. I think that these ways of helping a teenager is interesting because it shows some ways of helping suicidal teenager. I wish that everyone could have caring parents. When I was down my dark path and near depression they were there. They helped me by listening to my problems and help me problem solve. I think it’s interesting because around the world there are a lot of teenager that need help. Not all of them get the help they seek so they end their life. For me it’s sad that there is so many kids dying. I just hope one day we can know the signs and make this world a better place.


I am very interested in the understanding everything there is about suicide. I’m intrigued by the fact that over 1 million kids have died because of simple reason that could have been fixed. In my mind all these facts were really interesting specially knowing that there are 5 types of depression. As a result of this research I know how to deal with this situation. I would know to how to help people that are going through this. I would know the signs of what a suicidal teenage is showing. I would also be able to spread it to others. Every day a teenager is faced with a choice. They can either live the life they were given or give up and embrace death. Everyday some teenager you know could be in trouble. Would you help or you let that kid become part of the one million kids that die that year.

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