The Practices in Leadership Essay

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23 March 2016

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The Practices in Leadership have changed in the post-bureaucratic era. Remember also that your assignment must demonstrate critical thinking, as I have emphasised in each lecture. Question assumptions by considering the negative aspects of post-bureaucratic soft power. Is it desirable in all circumstances? Are there ethical considerations? What about concerns with subtle manipulation and control? You need to grapple with the complexity of the issues – not merely give a one-sided managerialist argument. Leadership is essential in the post-bureaucratic era; however leadership is an extremely complex term that is often an overthought and has an indefinite interpretation in society. Leadership can be defined as the ‘process of directing, controlling, motivating and inspiring staff towards the stated organisational goals’. (Clegg, Kornberger & Pitsis 2011, p. 126). There are many traditional theories of leadership which I will be discussing including personality traits, behaviors, postmodern and the contingency theory. Ernest Shackletons leadership is viewed as ‘nothing short of spectacular’ during his journey across the Antarctic continent overland. One day away from Land, the vessel became iced in, and eventually sank. Shackletons role as a leader was to get every man home alive.

Shackleton displayed three leadership approaches/theories he displayed on the remarkable journey .Shackletons ability to lead his men emphasizes technical and personality skills, which both can be learned and developed. The skills approach is centered around this idea, however skills can be also gained through past experiences, as seen by Shackleton, this the main reason the men respected him, due to his well-known knowledge. The style approach was displayed by Shackleton through his tasks and interpersonal relationships with others. Conflicts between men on board the ‘Endurance’ were often resolved by Shackleton, this presenting the style approach being displayed by him. The Contingency Theory was also explored in Shackletons journey, with unforeseen events taking place, and him being able to adapt to these due to his skills, this matching the style of approach. Leaders however in the post bureaucratic era can manipulate and deceive the public, hiding the hidden corruption of which they act. There are many leaders who have violated their responsibilities and abused their power are present in modern day society, however attempt to justify themselves with their position of power.

(Herman, S 2007, p.152)“heads of major nonprofit organizations who have demonstrated corruption and ineptitude, military leaders whose arrogance and lack of foresight and planning have made us at worst the world’s enemy and at best the world’s laughingstock, heads of state who have boldly lied to the nation and then twisted their words when caught, and media leaders who have pandered to commercial interests while feeding us distortions if not outright lies and delivering products designed to pander to our basest instincts”. There are however leaders with a genuine vision, who encompass courage and determination and are willing to sacrifice their life for their beliefs. Martin Luther King is an example of an active leader who used his power in a positive manner. (Herman, S 2007, p.153) “Martin Luther King in August 1963 gathered 250,000 Americans for the march on Washington, to inspire the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

These leaders who display positive actions encompass egalitarianism and lead individuals without the use of manipulative power. Having a responsible leader in an organization is a common centrally focused objective. Boards of directors seek to select CEO’s who are estimated to be most responsible for the organisations performance and capital. Being responsible and accountable are comprised performance goals in which a responsible leader aims to achieve. Taking responsibility as a leader, involves accountability, dependability, authority and empowerment ( Cameron, K 2011,p.32)

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