The Three Religions

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17 March 2016

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The three major religions in the world are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The largest religion in the world is Christianity followed by Islam. In 33 C.E. Christianity was founded by Jesus Christ. Christianity is more spread around the globe than any other religion. Islam is the second largest religion in the world. In 637-750 Islam was founded by Muhammad. Islam originated in the Middle East, Islam also holds many beliefs and practices that are in common with Christianity and Judaism. Judaism is the twelfth largest religion in the world. Judaism was founded in 586 B.C. The founder of Judaism was either Moses or Abraham. Judaism follow the Ten Commandments like Christianity does. All three religions had and have greatly influenced the whole world. There are many similarities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. All three of these religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam are known as “Abrahamic religions” because of their history to the agreement God made with Abraham in the Bible.

One of the comparisons between Judaism and Islam is they have no priest like Christianity does. Judaism and Christianity also share many similarities, their holy city is Jerusalem and they both follow the Ten Commandments. Islam’s holy city is Mecca and they follow the Sharia Law. Both Christianity and Islam believe the moral teachings of the prophets. They all have spiritual beings like, angles and demons. All three religions are monotheistic which means they believe in one God. Just like similarities there are many differences between the Middle East religions. All three, Christianity, Islam and Judaism have different holy scriptures. Christianity has the bible (Old and New Testaments), Islam has the Qur’an and Judaism has the Torah. Their House of Worship is different. Christianity worships in a church, while Judaism worships in a synagogue and Islam worships in a mosque. Judaism and Christianity’s holy city is Jerusalem but Islam’s holy city is Mecca.

Each one of these religions believes in something different, Christianity believes in Jesus while Islam believes in Allah. They follow different rules in their religions such as, Islam following the Five Pillars and Judaism and Christianity following the Ten Commandments. There were also different people who found each religion. Muhammad found Islam, Jesus found Christianity and Moses or Abraham found Judaism. . There were many similarities and differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Their similarities and differences show how each of the three religions were formed and created throughout the decades. Each one of these religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have there own significances to different people and places. Their significances are carried around all over the world. Christianity, Judaism and Islam started in the Middle East but have spread throughout the world. Not only did Christianity, Judaism and Islam spread around the globe but they have impacted the whole world as well.

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