Disneyland in Hong Kong

1. Explain a person’s attitude towards visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong in terms of the tri-component model. A tri-component attitude model consists of three major components as affect, cognition and conation. It is implying that Disneyland in Hong Kong has the unique attraction towards the customer. The first part of this model refers to cognition that is knowledge and perception that are acquired by a combination of the attitude object and related information from different sources. With reference to visiting Disneyland in Hong Kong it is a great place to visit and have a fun with the kids, where people are able to rest from common daily activities. The cognitive component towards Disneyland is what people experienced by visiting this place and what information they got from various sources (friends, ads). Affective component considers a person’s feelings and emotional response to an attitude object. It is mostly learnt during our daily live. This is the way as we feel. We may love the place as Disneyland. It gives joy, happiness and join the family. It could have a good emotion or feeling about it. Conation, the final component concerns how the consumer will behave with regard to attitude object. People will go and visit Disneyland in Hong Kong and spend time with the family there.

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2. Explain how the product manager of a breakfast cereal might change consumer attitudes toward the company’s brand by: a. changing beliefs about the brand,

b. changing beliefs about competing brands,
c. changing the relative evaluation of attitudes,
d. adding an attribute.
The product manager might change consumer attitudes towards the company’s brand by different ways. It could be done by emphasizing the attributes the brand .
a) Product manager might change consumer attitude toward the brand by changing beliefs about the brand. It mostly appeals from advertisement, so production manager should try to make customers willing to buy this product by successful ad with a ‘catchy’ affect, having a bit of fear and humour could be helpful. The way in which company can change beliefs about brand is putting less emphasis on product strength in its advertising and more emphasis on others value which cereal has.
b) Product manager can change consumer attitude toward the brand by using a broad statement (for example that only cereal with vitamins and dried fruit or corn are helpful) and or claim. It will allow to set the brand higher than competitors.
c) People change their attitudes, so companies should be aware of it. They should go forward with changing environmental. As the current life style attempts to look for healthy food, it could be good crossing over from the existing to the new ones with dried fruit and some corns.
d) As a production manager I will add such attributes as vitamins to breakfast cereal, making the product healthier. By adding this new formula it will put the brand higher than the others as the tendency is to buy healthy products and will change the customers’ attitude toward the brand.

3. What sources influenced your attitudes about studying buyer behaviour before classes started? Has your initial attitude changed since the unit started? If so, how? Social media and discussion with my colleagues had influenced my attitudes about studying buyer behaviour before my classes started. I found out that it could be very interesting to get know how consumer behaves in reply to different ads, promotions or tricks used by the producers. My initial attitudes were positive and motivation were on the highest level and so far nothing has changed. I still believe that studying buyer behaviour is interesting and can bring much knowledge that people don’t recognize in daily life during the shopping. What’s more I have a feeling that I am more experienced and have better view and understanding on different aspects and finally I hope I can still learn more and take as much as possible of the classes.

4. Should the marketer of a popular computer graphics program prefer consumers to make internal or external attributions about the success that people have using the program? Explain your answer. The marketer objective is to get consumers to try the product and then to evaluate it, so in direct marketing programs to target small consumer niches, the marketer should attribute internal and external. But external should be more major, but internal is not less important though. To sell as many computer graphics program as possible , the marketer has to tell people how good their product is and change their attitude to make them think it is the best graphics program. The consumers should know what benefits they will get by buying it, because consumer benefit perception is more than anything else. In this case also consumer lifestyle can change attitudes, so as a result they might change it to be attractive for customers. Internal are also important to still develop the brand and make the program the best on the market.

5. Find an ad for a free service trial (e.g. carwash, free brake check or a free software trial). What attributions would consumers make about the advertiser? What self-attributions would a consumer make if he or she accepted the trial offer? This offer make consumer interested because no cost needed to trial. So as a result customer is attracted and can make a judgment if it is worth of buying or not. No obligation with complimentary 3 Day Chair Assessment Service with selected chair/s and complimentary phone support during the trial. It will allow to check the product.

6. Find examples of advertising that uses fear and humour and discuss why you think they are effective or not effective. The first advertisement showing how tires of Yokohama keep the road uses humour. In my opinion it is very useful because attracts more customers, so the audience is increased and it is more effective. Easier to remember. The other advertisement concerns Lazer company. Wearing the helmet protected head. It uses fear and again is very effective. It stress the negative consequences. The sight of a man, wholly in plaster is not nice. In this way the must of wearing helmet is achieved.

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