Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas

Select one type of fossil fuel (Coal, Petroleum or Natural Gas) and one type of renewable energy resource (Solar power, Wind power, Hydropower, Geothermal power, or Biomass). Research and record the information in the chart. If you would prefer to use a different format to present this information, that is fine; however, you must include all the information on the chart in order to receive full credit for this assignment.

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The assignment is worth 60 points

Chart question 1,3,5,7,8,9,10 = 4 points
Chart questions 2,4 and 6 = 8 points each
Concluding paragraph = 8 points

If you would like to use a different resource than listed in the lesson, please contact your instructor for approval. The chart will expand as you type in it this will give you more room to enter information. Fossil Fuel: Petroleum fuel

Describe this resource : A fossil fuel found in the earth used to power cars and power plants. Advantages of this resource (include at least two)

1. Theres an abundance of it.

2. very compact and easily portable source of energy

Renewable resource: Solar Power
Describe this resource: Energy harvested from the sun using solar pannels. 1. Much better for the enviroment that burning fossil fuels.

2. Very cost efficient, cheap energy.
Disadvantages of this resource (include at least two)
Petroleum fuel
1. Running out we are expected to run out of oil and petroleum fuel in the next 50 to 150 years.

2. Suspected to be a cause of global warming

Solar power
1. only harvestable during the day time.

2. energy availability can be reduced by the weather.
How does collecting this resource effect the environment? Petroleum fuel: It reduces the ammount left and takes from the earths natural resources. Solar energy: Has little to no effect.
How does using this resource effect the environment? Petroleum fuel: Increases the green house gas emitions in the atmosphere.
Solar energy: Help to create a more healthy enviroment for everyone.

Compare the cost of both resources. Which is more expensive to create? Which is more expensive to use? Solar energy is more expensive to create because of the cost to build solar panels while petroleum just needs to be extracted fro the earth. However, solar energy is much cheaper over time when being used because it costs nothing and the petroleum fuel must be bought annually and paid for. What technology is involved in gathering or using this resource? The building of solar pannels and use of them to collect energy from the sun. And the pumps and items needed to extract fossil fuels from the earth. How do we use this resource to generate electricity? The solar panels convert solar power into energy while you burn petroleum fuel to create energy. What are the potential hazards associated with using and this resource? (include at least two) Toxic fumes from petroleum gas are lethal when concentrated in a small area as well as it is considered a key contributor to global warming. And I have had problems finding any real hazards other than the very small possibility that being near the solar panels for long periods of time can cause cancer.

If this were to be our primary way for generating electricity what effect would this have on individuals and the environment? solar energy would create a much healthier enviroment for everyone. Petroleum would continue to destroy our enviroment as it is burned.

Conclusion Paragraph
In conclusion petroleum gas seems to be. Much more expensive over time as well as more harmful to the planet and enviroment. While solar energy seems to be much more cost efficient over time with just a few disadvantages as well as minimul health concerns.

You have studied and researched different forms of renewable and nonrenewable resources. Based on your research and or the information you have leaned in lesson 3.05 and 3.06, what recommendations would you make to local officials regarding the types of resources that could be used to generate electricity? I would tell them that solar energy is a much healthier and less cost effective over time resource.

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