Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver

Both Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver are well recognized TV chefs, however both use spoken language in very different ways, while interacting with their audience. For example Nigella’s language is more sophisticated and formal whereas Jamie’s language is more casual and informal. While there are many language differences between each of these chefs, there are also many similarities. Jamie Oliver was brought up in Essex, where people usually are open minded and sociable. When he does his openings he usually uses phrases like “Hey guys” & “Hello lovely people”, this friendly approach to the audience makes him more connected to people all around the world who watches his TV programmes like Jamie’s 15 minutes meals. Nigella in the other hand was born in wandsworth London and was brought up in a self-established and well educated family. She uses sophisticated language and she doesn’t usually has a warm greeting like Jamie’s instead she gets straight to the point like “ this salad” , which suggest that the main focus for her is the food she is cooking.

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Jamie Oliver uses friendly gestures from beginning to the end. He starts usually with “hey guys” which automatically brings a friendly feeling towards the audience. This creates Jamie as an friendly and approachable. He uses informal speech while talking to the audience making them feel connected to him and making them more focused on what he is trying to say. While he is doing some action like smashing a potato he doesn’t usually say “smash the potato” but instead he uses “bash the hell out of it” which in sense is using onomatopoeia which makes it more exciting and simple to understand. Jamie does use this quiet often and also uses slang languages which is more appealing to teen audiences and it also sounds very relaxed and laid back. Nigella uses words like “lethally and fierce chilli” which is related to some type of quick and snappy. It shows how quick the chilli flavour hits you and how strong the hotness is in the ingredient. This may make the audience feel that the chilli is very powerful. The word lethally and fierce are common words to describe chilli. Nigella also uses long pauses while saying the word chilli, while she has long pauses its usually for gestures to take place for the pause moments.

Language used by Nigella and Jamie both of them use semantic fields of cookery throughout their programme. They use this to add come kind of impression to their audience while differentiating to which category their food falls into. Jamie uses jargon throughout his programme and he uses it more frequently as he is well connected to his viewers and others(who) already know him as an casual informal chap from down the street. In the other hand nigella creates huge focus on her jargons to make sure that what are good and what are bad in the food, however in my opinion she sticks to more difficult words what only small proportion of people could understand again implementing she was well educated and was raised in higher class family. Other factors of her that we could also state is being flirtatious with the audience which could make her more appealing to men audiences and making her more likeable and getting more likes and views. She uses words like “plumcious beauties” which have more impact on male audience then female audience.

In conclusion, I believe that Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver both use effective language in there spoken responses. This is because they want to encourage their target audience that everyone can cook even if it’s more difficult or something easy. Nigella uses more sophisticated and formal language, which is mostly based for a more upper classed audience and jamies uses informal language and slang which makes him more reliable to teenagers who don’t want any hassel and just want quick and simple way to make good food. Overall Nigella and Jamie have their own ways and uses different language techniques to engage and persuade the audience that they have the most successful food methods and recipes, which has been proven as these chefs have been well known on TV newspapers and magazines.

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