1984. vs. Animal Farm

1984 vs. Animal Farm
George Orwell, the man behind two best-selling novels; 1984 and Animal Farm, follows the idea that the establishment of an elite power in a society produces hopelessness and fear. George Orwell is an author commonly known for his politically influenced works regarding socialism. In Animal Farm, Orwell portrayed an uprise of the farm animals overthrowing their master, Mr. Jones. Two pigs led the animals in this rebellion; their names were Snowball and Napoleon.

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The two pigs engaged in a political struggle, as both of them wanted to have the power to lead all of the animals. In 1984, Orwell describes a society that is completely under totalitarian control, as the dictatorship of big brother and his party in Oceania rule over the population with rigid laws and a distinct hierarchy of social position. Winston Smith, a blue-collar outer party member, is secretly discontent with his life. As Smith becomes more and more rebellious, his party intervenes and forces him to rehabilitate and conform to their ideals. In George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, the idea of individuality and free thought is eliminated in order to preserve a spot for a higher and more authorative power.

Individuality is taken from the characters in both of the novels, Animal Farm and 1984. In 1984, the outer party is blind to the reality that their lives are being completely controlled. An example of this ignorance is when the outer party is told that their chocolate rations had been increased, when in actuality the rations had been reduced the week prior. The party’s successful assault on the individuality of its members led to happiness amongst the leaders and a gain in power. In Animal Farm, Orwell displayed the idea that a simple mental state of mind can easily be manipulated.

The pigs controlled the animals and made them believe that everything they said was correct. The pigs proved this theory when they repeatedly changed the seven commandments. When they were questioned, they reported to the animals that the “laws” had always been in their changed condition. Napoleon uses the terror brought on by the dogs to rule the farm and none of the animals realize it. Both the party and the pigs demonstrated that it is possible to abolish individuality and force people to live the life that is placed before them.

George Orwell successfully portrayed the lives of people who were under complete tolitarian control in the books Animal Farm and 1984. The pigs and the party were able to gain control over their commoners by using manipulation and fear. Orwell shows the reader that it is easy to be taken advantage of in these two novels.

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