Planning A Time Capsule

As typical of these times I would include:
a dirty needle and a rip-top can,
pebbled glass from a windscreen, some spent cartridges,
a singlet noose fresh from a prisoner’s neck,
a pamphlet proving
pornography is love, a flask of tears
from battered women (laced with children’s blood),
a cassette-tape of cries from bitter tenants
faced with rent-hikes, a food-voucher
for the many hidden hungry, a door key
to signify the homeless, and a colour-shot
of a billion-dollar Parliament House, a press release
from the Bureau of Statistics showing
things are getting better all the time
-and for their rarity I would include:
a bottle of sand
from an undeveloped foreshore, a whole spadeful of earth that’s still Australian, a fern-frond
from the last rain-forest, and a feather
from a free-range hen, a breath
of uncontaminated ozone, and a drop (a single drop)
of water as pure as grief. . .

What is a time capsule?
What does Bruce Dawe think of the times in which he lives? What does he value and what does he detest? Isolate and comment on two images Dawe uses. Be sure to explain the impact of these images on you. Consider how these images make you feel. With what changes in behaviour does this poem deal?

Comment on the use of contrast in this poem.
Why is ‘grief’ mentioned with water?