Sequence involves patterns

Beginning to realise others are separate beings from themselves, imitates others and tries out ways of behaving in play.  Babbling sounds begin,laugh and chuckle to show enjoyment.  Recognise familiar people at 6 metres, drops toys deliberately and pick them up.  Sort object s by size and type,understand two or three simple things to do at once.  Developing ability to think abstractly, can question sources of information. Fluent speaker, increasing use of peer influenced.

Adolescence from 13 – 19 years discuss the following terms and complete a defination for each of them. Sequence of development. Sequence means the definite pattern to a child developing example toddler being able to walk before they can run. Some aspects of developments follow a definite sequence like physical development of babies learn to lift their heads before they can sit . A new baby development may begin with rolling over then sit up, crawl , walk , run. Another may do it differently, even though elements are missed the development still proceeds in an expected pattern. Sequence involves patterns and an order of development linked to body, mobility , and intellectual growth. It can also be defined as how things happened in an expected order example breastfed, weaned, full meals, lie, sit , crawl etc. Sequence of development is the order that a child develops but this can vary in each child. One child may start with rolling over then sit up, then crawl and then start walking but another child may just sit up, then crawl and then start walking.

Rate of development rate means the speed in which a child develops, rate involves a time frame linked to age. One baby may achieve walking unaided at ten months another may accomplish it at twelve months. Rate is what happens at one year old , twenty four months , and seven years etc. Recording the rate of developments can help you to identify any concerns that one may have with any child. The rate of development is the pace that a child develops at, this can be the pace within each sequence or the pace overall and goes to cover all the set areas or periods in between or altogether in sequences.

Why is the difference between the sequence of development and rate of development important?. Sequence of development and rate of development are important as it helps in the development from mental to physical and emotional. If one of them is missed or slow it can be a cause for concern and may lead to a child being given special attention . They are both used to measure the development of children, although all children will develop at different rates and at different sequence , it helps to check if something is going wrong. It also helps to provide a picture that
can measure where a child might be in need of support.


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