“50 first dates” Movie Review

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7 September 2021

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50 first dates was an gratifying and a vibrant movie, which brings the viewers into curiosity. The film is about a person named Henry attempting to construct a romantic relationship with a girl known as Lucy. Henry earlier than was in to short-term vacationer points of interest to the traveler. He was frightened of dedication since of what he went via in faculty. He would leap from one sexual attraction to a different not imagine something of it. While Lucy who had a psychological sickness referred to as Goldfield Syndrome, that made her lose her short-term memory.

Truly had no chose on being in a relationship due to the reality that she wouldn’t remember the individual the following day. That all changed the minute Henry first noticed her within the coffee store. After that Henry made all the effort he may offer merely to win Lucy’s heart.

Despite the syndrome Henry managed to let Lucy understand how much he loves her through a video tape that he takes each single day.

In this way, Lucy will know what occurred to her and the tape is used to remind her what she did the previous days. Visual arts was important to Henry because without it he could’ve not let Lucy remember what happened to her. Besides the story of Henry and Lucy in 50 first dates, visual arts performs a big position in my life. Not solely as a result of it makes life extra colourful, but to suppose that artwork can express itself right into a higher method that is via what a person can see.

Not solely do the visual arts present pleasure and artistic inspiration, but additionally they help foster dialogue and produce important points to the public eye.

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