A business plan in transportation industry

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19 September 2015

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This demonstrates of a business plan in cargo and parcel transportation. This type of the business requires a lot of capital to venture into it. Firstly, transportation machinery such as motor vehicles, motorcycles, trains, aeroplanes and other equipment for transport are expensive to acquire. The business is client based. By client based, it means that, the business depends entirely on clients as customers for its survival. It is a great challenge to get clients for a new business. People would prefer to transport through people whom they have worked before with, and created a confidence on them that they are trusted people. The goal of the business is to ensure efficient, effective and customer satisfaction in transportation of client’s goods. Beginning a new business is faced by several challenges. It would require a rather market research before kicking off the business. Marketing research would mean employing professional in marketing to help the business venture strategically in the market. Employing professional in marketing to conduct a research is expensive for a business especially in its onset, hence, a great challenge to the start of the business (Barnhart, 119).

Transportation of parcels and cargos is a business that cannot fail to take place at whatever cost it might mean. People will always keep on exchanging parcels, individuals and firms will always transact in cargos. The business of goods transportation will always be there as long as the world and people exist. The biggest challenge to this new business is how to get clients and source of the capital to start the business. In obtaining customers for this business, a rather marketing will be entailed. Such marketing may be contacted through advertising in television channels, personal approaches to different firms and holding business talks, billboard advertisement in city centres and all other related such marketing techniques. Not every other business would survive without suppliers. A business needs suppliers for its stock, equipment or machinery. Most, a company based on transportation and logistics would need a group of suppliers for it to survive. For an easy venture in the market, a business may opt to collaborate with another established business, to win a large market within a short time. In addition, collaborating with another business that latter business act, as complement to what it offers would mean strategic kick off a business. The business under discussion focuses on merging with one of the airlines company in the city to market itself. In the market there are several business offering the same services. These are actually the real to competitors to the business (Abrams, 18).

There will always be competitors to a business; competitors may either be direct or indirect competitors. Direct competitors are those that offer same services and goods to those that another business is offering. On the other hand, indirect competitors are the ones that offer substitute products to those that another business is offering. The company will be well structure to counter with the competitors offering the same services in the market. Amongst the measures at hand to deal with competition are, relatively lower charges. This would help to attract more clients to the company. Increased clients means increased customers hence, increased output of this business. Relatively lower charges, is another strategy that will help to reduce the payback period or time of our business project.

It is very essential for a business to have an environment that is conducive for its success. By engagement into corporate social responsibilities, the business will not ensure a health social environment for itself, but also act as way of promoting itself. Through involvement in corporate social responsibilities, the business creates a good shape to the people. It is also a way of publicizing a business. Both political and social environment ought to be maintained by the company. Our company will have at hand all proper and valid documentation for its legality. By having a business vision and mission, it will create a source of inspiration and centre of focus both to the employees and the shareholders to the company.

The strategy to ensuring the business is a success is clear enough. Due to wise selection of the business to collaborate with, it will be easy for the business to start at high gear. Firstly, there is a ready market for to transport, this is because we are collaborating with an airline firm. Our company will execute all the transactions involving transport by the particular airline. We also need to have strategic location of our offices. All offices to the company are found within the city centre. This means that they are highly accessible to the customers. Simple and clear terms of the contract with the client will also quicken the conduct of the transactions of the company. These just but some of the strategies put in place to ensure that the company will be successful in its endeavours. Good and clear communication is another major element for a success of every business. Communication within the company shall be made as simple and clear as much as possible. Delegation of duties from directors to the casual worker will create a good leadership within the organization. Through delegation, a strong teamwork and network of employees will be maintained in the organization. This will ensure that the organization maintains good and clear communication skills. Good communication improves employees productivity, hence an increase in the general output of the company.

It would be a great challenge of to get capital to start the business. The company has therefore to portray a good strategy for it to attract people to be shareholders or financiers. A good business plan can also be used to attract a capital borrowing in some government agencies that lend out finances to motivate entrepreneurship. The business strategy is clear and comprehensive enough to stand a chance to win capital borrowing from any investment bank or government policy. This is a strategy of selling the company’s idea to the potential investors (Karin, 313).

In conclusion, people share so much in common, yet are so magnificently different. They think differently; they have different and sometimes competing values, motivations and objectives. It’s therefore very important to study the nature of the individuals so as to live peacefully with them to avoid confrontations with them. This same case applies to all business ventures. A business ought to conduct a viable market research before kicking off. Good market research would help a business recognise its strength and weaknesses. It will increase on strengths and try to minimise on the weakness, through this, a strong business idea would be realize that could see any business venture a success.


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