A Funny Incident

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17 September 2021

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Hostel life is not without its disadvantages. The rich college students get sufficient money from their mother and father and due to this fact spend lavishly. The poor boarders additionally urge their dad and mom to increase their monthly allowance and spend their hard earned money on luxuries. The firm of the wealthy additionally makes them choose up their bad habits. They begin smoking. Some of them take to intoxicants and thereby ruin themselves. Another great defect in hostel life is the mismanagement on the part of the warden.

The meals provided is solely unworthy of consumption by the scholars. The result generally is that despite the congenial atmosphere, they lose in well being; they begin to hate the meals equipped. In contrast to that is the life at residence.

The atmosphere at residence, the love of fogeys, the love bestowed on them by their brothers and sisters, the meals they are provided — all make them grow up into brilliant young girls and boys. A informal survey of the lifetime of hostelers reveals the reality that a lot of the college students who get right into a merit listing are those who have lived at residence and never in hostels.

The reality is that a boarder has limited time at his disposal for studies because of the rigid control; there are video games and limited hours of examine. The turning off of light at the time after they wish to examine is a stumbling block in their method. When we look at the benefits and downsides of life in the hostel, we are satisfied the house life is one of the best for the students

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