A Garden Lover in my family

It gives me immense pleasure to talk about a garden lover in my family. As we all know gardening is a creative activity in which nature is made to order. Garden provides inexhaustible sources for paintings and poems all over the world and it is a home for many species of birds and flies which lend charm to the verdant looks of the garden. The heartening sounds of birds distract us from the monotonous regimen of our daily lives. My father is a garden lover. He devotes his leisure time in gardening. I think it is natural in human that he likes gardens. After all the first man Adam and first woman hawa ever lived in the garden of Eden. He has a piece of plot to practice and pursue gardening. There he has varieties of crops and vegetables and a couple of fruit trees. The vegetables include spinach, bitter guard, chillies, tomato, lady’s finger, cucumber etc. Also there are roses, jasmine which turn the garden into a rich feast of colors to eyes. The fruit trees include mango, banana and guava.

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Many birds visit the garden and some lives there. Gardening keeps him physically fit, mentally alert and fresh. The air here is fresh, fragrant and invigorating. The atmosphere is quiet’ calm and soothing. Gardening involves digging, weeding, cutting, grafting, watering, maturing and tilling of the soil. These activities give him sufficient physical exercise to keep me bodily fit and mentally alert. Many of our friends and relatives appreciate his hobby and skills in it. Moreover we help him in maintain the garden during our spare time. Plants are as sensitive as we human beings are. They react to our actions of love, affection or cruelty. But one requires a very sensitive heart and acute senses to understand their language. He never feels lonely, sad, unemployed or bored because of his hobby. Plants, flowers, birds and butterflies give us a pleasant and delightful company.

We feel amidst them very happy and fortunate. There are beauty, pleasure, education and instructions in their company. Sometimes, he seeks help and advice from a gardener as well. He spends all his pocket money in purchasing seeds, manure, fertilizer, gardening implements or books on gardening. He never misses a program on gardening if it is there on the television. He also visit flower-shows, vegetable and fruit exhibitions. The delight he derives from gardening helps him a lot in concentrating on his working. He feels more close to nature and God when he is in his garden. To him gardening is like a prayer. It inspires his imagination and gives him noble thoughts. We are nearer God when we are in the garden because in the garden there are peace, calmness, beauty, pleasure, colors, coolness, purity and leisure. And these are some of the qualities closely associated with God.

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