A Girl’s Story

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18 September 2021

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The story “A Girl’s Story” by David Arnason is written in a contemporary perspective. It allows the writer to put in writing about stereotypes and the problem of relationships and everyday life. The setting he chooses is like some other love story; by a river on a sunny day. He chooses a feminine to take the lead function, which is where the criticizing and stereo typing comes into action. He describes the female lead as “fairly tall, about five-foot eight and quarter in your stocking feet” with “long blond hair, because lengthy blond hair is attractive and virtuous”, exactly what any man can be in love with.

Just like the proper Cinderella.

Throughout the story, the creator uses metaphor, irony and symbolism. The sarcastic irony comes from when he mentions that some women can be offended by his story, which many would be. The complete story is about mocking and being sexist to the feminine race. The author repeatedly mentions insecurities and flaws that some girls have, which could be seen as offensive and inappropriate to some girls.

The writer treats the story like a joke, however there are most likely very few girls who loved reading his work at all. He speaks jokingly throughout most of it, mentioning initially how he had been consuming and now simply needs to keep away from his wife, which is the rationale he writes a story. He procrastinates at first, not exactly positive what he will be writing about. He then turns into quite self-righteous and conceded, considering he’s the best writer and might make any lady stunning.

Again, the sexism and offensive is very sensed when he says this, as a result of he thinks he can fulfill each girl’s dream of being stunning.

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