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A Management information system (MIS) is a system or course of that provides data wanted to manage organizations effectively. Management information system offers the enterprise managers the knowledge that they should make decisions. Early business computers were used for simple operations corresponding to tracking stock, billing, gross sales, or payroll information, with little element or structure but now days it has been changed by the advanced strategies like ERP, EPM, SCM and SAP. Management data systems are distinct from common data methods in that they are used to research other data systems utilized in operational actions in the group.

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Sam Walton who is a businessman from ARKANASAS, begin his provider with retail business and started engaged on June 3, 1940. On July 2 1962 he opened first walmart low cost city retailer positioned in ARKANASAS. Walmart is likely certainly one of the most technically superior corporations on the planet and cause behind this is availability of accurate and up to date info which intern a basis of its development out there.

And for collecting the accurate data on time it is needed that management ought to continuously evaluate the data, which is feasible solely by an built-in administration system. Walmart grew to become one of the first companies in retail sector to use MIS.


In the world of retailing, Wal-Mart has what is taken into account to be probably the most subtle distribution system referred to as Retail Link. This system connects every retailer with headquarters and over 2,000 suppliers so that they may never run out of or have an extreme quantity of stock.

Wal-Mart turns over their stock greater than any other retail store. The current challenge exists with supplying their overseas stores, especially whereas that is the world that they’re concentrating on rising. In order to become extra environment friendly abroad, Wal-Mart has started is on Customs Brokering division to care for its international procurement, which saves them brokering and freight forwarding charges, and also gives them more control. They have also started to “request” strongly that their suppliers also be physically situated within the international locations where Wal-Mart is to raised provide them.

Procurement of material

Walmart is a bulk purchaser and so they comply with centralised bought system, so the company instantly procure the supplies from manufacturers thus eliminating all of the intermediaries and middlemen. This is essential to reduce the price and supply greatest pricing. They first find out the potential supplier and then after getting costs from everyone the desire resolve finally in accordance with the price structure of the provide. For efficiently managing this data wall mart makes use of EDI model(electronic data interchange) it’s mainly a pc primarily based system of walmart in this system the computer systems of suppliers and distributors are linked with walmart. EDI enables provider to obtain buy order along with store to retailer sales info associated to their product like no of product bought, no. of product acquired. As provider receives the details about sales of various merchandise, the provider shipped the required goods to different walmart distribution centres. Basically it’s a excessive pace integration system between supplier and walmart and which could be very helpful in making the method quick and efficient.


A firm owned transportation system also assists Wal-Martin transport items from warehouse to retailer in lower than 48 hours. This allows Wal-Mart to replenish the shelves 4 occasions faster than its competition.Wal-Mart owns the biggest and most sophisticated computer system in the non-public sector. It makes use of a MPP (massively parallel processor) laptop system to track inventory and movement which keeps it abreast of fast modifications in the market .Information associated to sales and inventory is disseminated visits superior satellite communications system. MPP is principally used to track the movement of products and inventory degree and data for this is transmitted by way of advanced satellite tv for pc communication system. So when the information about movement of goods is transmitted it routinely generate the information and cross it on to transportation department and from there the logistic facility is ensured.

Inventory management

Wal-Mart invested closely in IT & communication system to effectively track gross sales and merchandise inventories in stores across all of the shops within the country. For this company needs to have glorious communication system. And Walmart is utilizing the strategy of PRETTY DARN QUICK DISPLAY (PDQ) TECHNIQUE. In this technique the corporate asked its suppliers to ship items inshore-ready displays known as pretty darn fast (PDQ) displays.Goods have been packed in PDQ shows that arrived at the shops able to be boarded on the racks.WalMart’s workers could instantly exchange the empty racks at the stores with fully packed racks, instead of refilling each merchandise on the racks.


– within the early1970s, Wal-Mart grew to become one of the first retailing corporations on the planet to centralize its distribution system, pioneering the retail hub-andspoke system. Under the system, items were centrally ordered, assembled at a large warehouse, often identified as distribution centre· (hub), from where they had been dispatched to the person shops (spoke). The hub and spoke system enabled Wal-Mart to realize vital value advantages by the centralized buying of products in large quantities. And also the used of RFID technology (radio frequency identification) this system is used to switch the bar coding approach and increase the efficiency of employees as a outcome of with this staff are now not requires to bodily scan the bar code thus it improve efficiency and reduce the stock outs.


Wal-Mart constructed an automatic reordering system linking computers between Procter & Gamble (“P&G”) and its stores and distribution centres. The computer system sends a signal from a retailer to P&G figuring out an merchandise low in inventory. It then sends a resupply order, via satellite tv for pc, to the closest P&G manufacturing unit, which then ships the item to a Wal-Mart distribution centre or directly to the store. This interaction between Wal-Mart and P&G is a win-win proposition as a outcome of with higher coordination, P&G can decrease its costs and pass a few of the financial savings on to Wal-Mart. Thus walmart is effectively utilizing the MIS to achieve effectivity and price minimization.


Marketing activities are directed towards planning, selling, and promoting goods and providers to satisfy the wants of shoppers and the aims of the organization. Marketing data systems help choice making concerning the marketing combine. These embrace: 1. 2. 3. 4. Product Price Place Promotion

Sources of Data and Information for Marketing: Boundary-Spanning and Transaction Processing Subsystems A advertising info system relies on exterior information to a far higher degree than other organizational info methods. It includes two subsystems designed for boundary spanning – bringing into the firm knowledge and details about the marketplace. The objective of selling analysis is to gather information on the precise customers and the potential clients, known as prospects.

The identification of the wants of the customer is a basic place to begin for complete quality administration (TQM). Electronic commerce on the WEB makes it simple to compile statistics on actual buyer behaviour. Marketing research software program helps statistical evaluation of knowledge. It enables the firm to correlate buyer behaviour with very detailed geographic variables, demographic variables, and psychographic variables. Marketing (competitive) intelligence is answerable for the gathering and interpretation of knowledge regarding the firm’s opponents, and for the dissemination of the aggressive info to the appropriate users. Most of the competitor info comes from corporate annual stories, media-tracking companies, and from reviews purchased from exterior suppliers, including on-line database providers. The Internet has become a serious supply of aggressive intelligence.

Marketing Mix Subsystems

The advertising combine subsystems assist decision making concerning product introduction, pricing, promotion (advertising and personal selling), and distribution. These choices are built-in into the sales forecast and advertising plans in opposition to which the continuing sales outcomes are in contrast.

Product Subsystem

The product subsystem helps to plan the introduction of recent merchandise. Continually bringing new products to market is vital in today’s competitive setting of speedy change. Although selections regarding the introduction of recent products are unstructured, data techniques assist this course of in several methods:      Professional help techniques assist designers in their knowledge work DSSs are used to judge proposed new products With a DSS, a advertising manager can rating the desirability of a model new product. Electronic meeting systems help deliver the experience of individuals dispersed in space and time to bear on the issue Information derived from marketing intelligence and analysis is important in evaluating new product ideas.

Place Subsystem

The place subsystem assists the choice makers in making the product available to the shopper at the proper place on the right time. The place subsystem helps plan the distribution channels for the product and observe their efficiency. The use of information expertise has dramatically increased the supply of data on product motion in the distribution channel.

Promotion Subsystem

The promotion subsystem is usually probably the most elaborate in the marketing info system, because it supports each personal selling and promoting. Media selection packages assist in deciding on a combination of avenues to steer the potential purchaser, together with unsolicited mail, television, print media, and the digital media such as the Internet and the WEB specifically. The effectiveness of the selected media mix is monitored and its composition is frequently adjusted. Database advertising depends on the buildup and use of intensive databases to phase potential clients and attain staff with personalized promotional information. The role of telemarketing, marketing over the telephone, has increased. Telemarketing calls are nicely supported by data expertise. Sales management is totally supported with information know-how. Customer profitability analysis helps identify high-profit and high-growth customers and goal marketing efforts in order to retain and develop these accounts.

Sales pressure automation entails equipping salespeople with moveable computer systems tied into the company info methods. This gives the salespeople instantaneous entry to information and frees them from the reporting paperwork. This will increase selling time and the extent of performance. Access to company databases is sometimes accompanied by entry to company experience; either by having the flexibility to contact the specialists or by using skilled methods that help specifies the product assembly buyer necessities.

Price Subsystem

Pricing choices discover a degree of support from DSSs and access to databases that contain business costs. These extremely unstructured choices are made in pursuit of the businesses pricing aims. General strategies vary from profit maximization to forgoing part of the profit in order to improve a market share. Information systems present a possibility to finely section customer groups, and charge completely different prices depending on the mixture of products and services supplied, in addition to the circumstances of the sale transaction.

Sales Forecasting

Based on the planned marketing combine and excellent orders, sales are forecast and a full marketing plan is developed. Sale forecasting is an area where any quantitative methods employed have to be tempered with human perception and expertise. The actual sales will depend to a large diploma on the dynamics of the environment. Qualitative methods are usually used for environmental forecasting – an try and predict the social, financial, authorized, and technological environment during which the company will attempt to understand its plans. Sales forecasting makes use of numerous techniques, which embody:    Group decision making strategies are used to elicit broad skilled opinion Scenario evaluation during which each state of affairs on this course of is a plausible future environment Extrapolation of trends and cycles by way of a time-series analysis.


For the fiscal yr ending January 31, 2011, Wal-Mart reported a net earnings of $15.4 billion on $422 billion of income with a 24.7 % gross profit margin. The corporation’s worldwide operations accounted for $109.2 billion, or 26.1 %, of complete sales. It is the world’s 18th largest public company, according to the Forbes Global 2000 listing, and the biggest public company when ranked by income. Walmart on a mean rent about ten thousand employees yearly and on opening every single store Walmart employees 300 new employees. Their primary supply of funds is there gross sales and fundamental expenditure goes on building new stores and employees salary.

Job Hierarchy at Wal-Mart

Human Resources

Wal-Mart is the most important non-government employer in the world. They understand that turnover is excessive in retail, however that their associates are considered one of their most important property. Their written policy relating to associates is as follows: “they are inspired to maintain the highest requirements of honesty, morality, and business ethics”. In order to become a Wal-Mart associate, candidates must take a multiple-choice take a look at and select what are considered the suitable “Wal-Mart” responses to find a way to be employed. Due to the reality that Wal-Mart strives to maintain their prices low, they don’t provide excessive wages. They exist on many part-time and momentary employees, don’t offer these employees benefits, and do not pay their employees enough to stay on. Wal-Mart has a 20-30% price benefit over competition, as their labor is not unionized. Besides going through current litigation for not paying workers for additional time there are and have been several circumstances regarding discrimination on the premise of gender (female) that females are sometimes not employed or promoted to be managers.

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