A Management System For Shopping Malls Computer Science Essay

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1.1 Introduction:

Therough this technique to plan system to orgnize the work of Shoppiing Mall comprise many stores belong to the same company of this promenade.

Through this system we can pull off the work of all shops on this promenade and supervise all actions in all shops.

In this system we have tow subdivisions, the primary is “ Management ” , and the 2nd is “ Shops ” , Each subdivision hase different traits.

we have in this system tow diploma of privilleges, choice maker or director, and the worker of stores.

The director or choice maker can add new determination maker for this method, add new worker dor stores, add new retailer, and see examine of all stores on this promenade.

The normal consumer of employee of retailer has the privillege to execute sale operation, add new items to the store of this shope, update the stability of exicting goods within the shop of this shope, monitore the day-to-day gross revenues operation done, onitore the month-to-month gross revenues operations carried out, and monitore the stability of goods in the sotre of this shope.

1.2 Purposes Of The Undertaking

Through this system we work to achive the undermentioned goals:

Form the Registration of latest shope: in this aim we orgnize the registeration of recent shope and enter the comparative details about this shope.

Form the enrollment of gross revenues operation: in this aim we orgnize the registeration of sale operation ‘s informtion and seek to make it in much less clip with much less try.

Orgnize the registeration of recent good ‘s data: in this purpose we allow the conventional person to return in the info of latest good in the store of his shope.

Allow the user to add excess measure of an excting nutrient in his shope ‘s shop.

Enable the consumer to acquire details about gross revenues operations carried out through this technique ( day-to-day and month-to-month ) printable format.

Enable the person to amass details about items ‘s balance in his shope in printable format.

Enable the administratore to accumulate information about all shopes in the promenade.

1.three System Tools

To plan this technique we use Ocular Basic as programming linguistic communication to plan the GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) , and we used Microsoft Access to construct the database of this method.

We chosen Ocular Basic because it’s easyto utilization. We can make signifiers ( interfaces ) utilizing drag-and-drop strategies. A tool is used to place controls on the signifier ( window ) . We can come within the default value for the property of any control we add to the signifier ( interface ) . Many attribute values could be modified during tally clip based on user actions or alterations within the environmentFor examplewe can cange the day of the month of sale ever to the current day of the month even if we run it after 2 old ages after end design

Microsoft Access database course system was besides utilized in planing the database of the system. It is used to make easy database solutions. Access tables again up a assortment of ordinary area types, indices, and referential unity. The system apart from includes a question interface, signifiers to expose and come in informations, and research for printing. The underlying Jet database, which contains these objects, is multiuser-aware and handles record-locking and referential unity together with cascading, updates and deletes.

Microsoft Access in addition to offers the flexibility for coders to make solutions using the scheduling linguistic communication Visual Basic for Applications ( VBA ) , which has similarities to Visual Basic ( VB6 ) and used throughout the Microsoft Office plans corresponding to Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Most VB6 codification together with the usage of Windows API calls, can be utilized in VBA. Power customers and builders can widen fundamental end-user options to an expert answer with advanced mechanization, informations proof, mistake caparison, and multi-user assist.

Applications that merely view informations or have simple informations entry can back up properly extra customers.

2.1 Structure of the system:

In this technique we’ve tow chief subdivisions foremost for managemetn and second for shopes.

2.1.1 path subdivision:

In course subdivision we’ve 4 featurs

Add new choice maker: on this attribute we permit the choice maker to add anothor decision maker ( administrator = director ) , on this attribute the asministrator enter the consumer name and watchword for model spanking new decision maker.

Add new consumer: in this attribute the admin can add new usage ( we point out right here in consumer to the worker of the shope ) , to add new person the admin need to come back in the person name and watchword and the shope which this person will belong ( or works for ) , right here we point out that we can non add new consumer to a shope non at that place in the promenade.

Add new shope: in this characteristic we enable the admin to add new shope to the promenade, to add new shope to the promenade the admin demand to come back in the name of this new shope and the type of it ( e.g optics ) .

Report of all shopes in this mal: in this attribute we allow the admin to amass details about all shopes on this promenade in printable formate.

2.1.2 shope subdivision:

This subdivision available to the emmployee of shopes in the promenade, we now have to advert that the decision maker of this technique should add this consumer so he can login to this this subdivision we’ve six characteristics

New sale: on this characteristic the person can come within the info of new sale operation, these data contains the shopper name, consumer Mobile determine, saled good, ordered auantity, unit financial value, and worth discount if there’s any value reduction.

Add new goods: on this attribute we allow the person to add new items to the shop of this shope, the data wanted to make this undertaking consists of Good name, Purchae monetary worth, sale financial worth, Quantity, andmeasure.

Update goods: on this characteristic the user can replace the measure of any exeicting items within the store of his shope, the comparative data requested right here is sweet name, added measure, purchase monetary value, sale financial worth.

Goods study: on this attribute the person can purchase study of all goods and its balance in his shope.

Daily sale: on this characteristic the user can acquire examine of all sale operation accomplished by way of this system in current twenty-four hours.

Monthly sale: in this characteristic the person can acquire research of all sale operation carried out via this method in selected month.

2.2 System ‘s Tables:

In the old subdivision we explained the chief development of this technique, now we now have to demo the edifice of the system ‘s database ( the database of this method was designed using Microsoft Office Access as mentioned before ) The undermentioned tabular arraies are designed in the database of this method:

ADMIN: this tabular array created to salvage the information of decision maker login informations ( Table 2.2.1 )

Users: this tabular array is for salvaging the knowledge of customers of this technique. ( Table 2.2.2 )

Shop: this tabular array is for salvaging the knowledge for stores in this promenade. ( Table2.2.3 ) .

Good: this tabular array designed to salvage the information of products. Table ( 2.three )

5-SALE_INFO: this tabular array desgined to salvage the inormation of sale opertation. Table ( 2.2.5 )

2.three Connecting between system ‘s database and person ‘s Interface:

There are many ways to hyperlink between ocular BASIC and MS Access but in our system we depend on the connexion by the codification and linking the object straight to database non by including object on the signifier at design clip.

It is dependent upon the connexion twine for ADO library, at foremost a new ADO Connection and ADO recordset factors is created so specify the connexion way ( method of database in this system ) as connexion twine

After that the recordset is opened by directing a query for specified table name.

Dim R As ADODB.Recordset

Dim con As ADODB.ConnectionThe following exhibits an illustration concerning the connexion method on this system

Then compose the undermentioned codification where connexion to database is needed to recover, direct or see informations

Set R = New ADODB.Recordset

Set con = New ADODB.Connection

rs.CursorLocation = adUseClient

Constring = “ Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.four.0 ; Data Source= ” & amp ; App.Path & A ; “ MMS.mdb ”

con.Open ( Constring )

Chapter 3

Implimntation of the system

3.1 Main Features Of The System:

The purpose of this technique is to perform a determine of aims. These goals are:

Registration of latest stores: in this characteristic, the decision maker demand to register the iformation of latest store, this data embody the name of store and the type of this retailer ( store ‘s activity ) .

Orgnize the operation of create new person: this attribute allowed for choice maker merely, in this characteristic the choice maker can make new user, this new consumer works in chosen retailer whereas the decision maker create this consumer.

Orgnizing the registeration of sale operation: on this attribute the consumer must register the information of sale operation, this information embody the store name, items name, order measure, the worth reduction, consumer name, consumer Mobile, and a few information will be routinely loaded when the consumer choose the good name like out there qantity, and unit financial value.

Orgnizeing the registeration of new goods:

This attribute let the consumer to add new items to the store the place he’s working, this info include the name of products, buy monetary value, sale financial worth, and the purchased measure.

Orgnize the operation of updating the measure of goods: in this feture the person can add measure of any goods in his store.

Preparation of elaborate research: theadministrator and consumer can purchase these type of Reports:

All shops: this examine exhibits the data of all shops in the Mall.

Daily gross revenues: this research displays the knowledge of all gross revenues operation done in chosen day of the month.

monthly gross revenues: this study displays the knowledge of all gross revenues operation accomplished in selected month.

Goods examine: this research demo the information of all goods in the store.

We need to advert that the first research allowed for the decision maker merely, whereas the other studies allowed to the traditional user

3.2 Execution Of The System:

In presvious subdivision of this study we explaineed the construction of this system and speak concerning the goals of this technique, now we will speak about how t usage this method, or how this system works.

First there is debut window, in this window the person choose the subdivision heshe wants to make the most of “ Management ” or “ Shops ” as shown in figure three.1

Figure 3.1 Introduction window

3.2.1 Management Section:

If the consumer choose “ Management “ from the debut window heshe will purchase the login window the place heshe must compose the consumer name and watchword of determination maker on this system, as proven in figure three.2

Figure 3.2 Administrator Login window

After fill the sorrcet username and passowrd of determination maker, heshe will acquire the chief window of adminstrator ‘s undertaking, as proven in determine three.3

Figure three.three Administrator ‘s undertaking windw

If heshe wants to perform th characteristic of “ New choice maker ” , heshe should snap on “ New Administrator ” button, so heshe will acquire the undermentioned windw, as shown in determine 3.4

Figure three.four New Administrator window

After fill the requested Fieldss, the system will link to the databse and travel into the tabular array “ Admin ” and salvage new document with the data of latest decision maker.

If the decision maker needs to perform the attribute “ New User ” , heshe must snap on “ New User ” button on the Administrator ‘s endeavor windw, so will acquire the undermentioned window, as proven in figure 3.5

Figure three.5 New User window

In this window will necessitate the username and apssword for brand new consumer, besides we want to select the store the place this new person will work, the listing of stores will automatically loaded to the window by touring by way of the database and journey to “ Shops ” tabular array and convey the name of all shops in this promenade.

When the person fill all rewuested Fieldss heshe should snap on “ Save ” button to salvage the informations of recent person, in this operation the system will link to the database and journey to “ USERS ” desk and make new report conatin the data of the model new user and provides him an autonumber as ID, the choice maker can name off the operation or shut this window by chink on “ Close ” button.

In instance the administratore needs to accomplish the attribute “ Add New Shop ” , hezshe must snap on “ New store ” button on Administrator ‘s enterprise windw to amass the undermentioned window, as shown in determine 3.6

Figure three.6 New Shop Window

In this window we will see that we have merely tow Fieldss about new store, these Fieldss are shop name and store type, after the choice maker fill thee Fieldss, heshe should snap on “ Save ” button to travel via the database and make new record in table “ Shops ” and give this store an autonumber as ShopID.

The choice maker can name off the operation or shut this window by chink on “ Close ” button.

Finally, if the administrtor wants to accumulate describe about all shops on this promenade, hese can snap on “ All Shops ” button on Administrator ‘s undertaking windw, the get the research as shown in figure three.7

Figure three.7 All Shops examine window

3.2.1 Shop Section:

This subdivision specified for the normal user ( the employee of the shop ) , the person can travel into this subdivision by snaping on “ Shop ” button in Introduction window, so heshe purchase the folloing window, figure 3.8

Figure three.eight user Main window

As we see, in this window there are six buttons, each one for different characteristic.

If the user need to execute sale operation, heshe must snap on “ New Sale ” button, so will acquire the undermentioned window, as proven in determine three.9

Figure three.9 Sale window

In this window the user will happen record of all goods obtainable on this retailer and the steadiness of this goodsand the unist financial value in addition to, ths info introduced by the system when burden this window, the system will journey to the database and journey to items desk and convey the name of all goods which belong to that store, after that when the consumer select the products name and its steadiness nd the unit financial value.

After the consumer fill the requested Fieldss so click on calculate button to cacuate the complete monetary worth, so the user chinks on “ Save ” button to salvage the information of sale so he can snap on “ Bill ” button to accumulate the measure of this sale.

If the consumer desires to add new items heshe must snap on “ New Goods ” button so heshe acquire the undermentioned window, as proven in figure 3.10


Using this system we organize the work within the Hall, in addition to we reduce down the clip and try spend to accomplish the undermentioned enterprise:

Register consumer ‘s data on this system.

Register the comparative information of reserve on this system.

Form the operation of updating the knowledge of reserve.

Form the confirming and caneling reserve on this system.

Geting the research of all reserve accomplished via this system.

Geting the research of all reserve done through this method accoring to selected month.

Geting the research of all reserve done via this system accoring to selected month and twelvemonth.

After utilizing the system we will state that work of Hall reserve can be organized through this technique.

As we clarify within the natural structure of this examine the utilization of this system is simple and anybody with easy cognition of computing machine use can make the most of this method and complete the enterprise with none error.

there isn’t any perfect system and each system comprise some notices either the analyzing or the situation of work, however on this system we try to cowl essentially the most of import enterprise or characteristics of store part work.

Before we build the system we’ve to analyse the system and observe the work flow of working and see what are the regulations that control work in Hall reserve operation to get down constructing the tabular arraies and see what windows we want and the way any home windows we should hold in our system

after that we seek for tools allow us to plan the system in greatest method, we discover that the easiest tools to make that is VISUAL BASIC ( VB ) for plan the consumer interface and Microsoft Office Access ( MSACCESS ) as database direction system, these instruments are straightforward to make the most of and simple to be used in growing the system in future.

When begin to construct new system the inside decorator face tow forms of job proficient and official.

The proficient jobs was to occur the suited and utile tools ( programming and database direction system ) allow the inside decorator to construct efficient system and allow the user to hive away many records in database able to be retrieved in few seconds with none jobs.

After we select the scheduling linguistic communication and database path system and hyperlink them together and get down assemble the database and tabular array and get down composing the codification that might be executed while system working in order to accomplish the undertakings of this system.

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