A Message to Garcia

Written by, Elbert Hubbard, is a story written about trying to find the ideal messenger, or employee. And in many cases is hard to find even when it comes to a simple task, in this case, delivering a message. Hubbard goes on to explain that some individuals, when tasked with such a job will make it rather difficult. They will either ask questions, “who is Garcia? Where is he? Why can’t you do it? Have someone else do it.” Hubbard points out the most common flaws or unwanted qualities of employers when all he, or any employer are looking for is someone who is hard working and can be trusted with an important task regardless of what it is. And that is the type of worker that no employer can afford to lose.

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No matter when you are, regardless or your occupation, type of company or size, there will always be the workers that are replaceable, irreplaceable, or those who no one will hire. Hubbard explains the vast majority or employees that are in the work force. Lazy, irresponsible, untrustworthy, or are just plain worthless. However, the search for that one who will work hard even when no one is looking is rare to find, and that when he is found, he cannot be let go.

After reading this book, it makes one realize, and actually look at whom they work with now, or in the past and see whom or how many actually fall into the category or workers Hubbard described. I for one was able to actually put faces with some of the examples given. More important than that, was looking at where I fit in, or which one describes me the best. Hardworking and the one that is rare and every employer is looking for, sure we would all like to think that but the reality of it, may not be as close as we would like to think. When tasked with delivering a message to Garcia, I would think it be natural for one to ask, “where is he”, such information is key. Rather than blindly searching for a man named Garcia with out so much of a direction. Does a question make one any less of their overall work ethic? I would think not, but when it comes to questioning the motives and what is in the letter is completely different. Irreverent questions to the task at hand are unnecessary and would be seen as lazy or nosy.

Overall it was an interesting book that makes you think other wise of not only yourself, but also those you work with all well. I would recommend any employer to have their employees read this book for they start working. That way it gives them something to think about, think about themselves and which type of employee they truly want to be. Also gives them an idea of what that employer is looking for in their workers, that way there is no question about what is expected. “He is wanted in every city, town and village- in every office, shop and factory. The world cries out for such: he is needed, & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia.”

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