“A Passage to India’ Movie Analysis

“East is East and West is West, and by no means the twain shall meet.” The heart of the film ‘A Passage to India’ rests upon this extract of poem by Rudyard Kipling and this remains the most important theme explored by David Lean. The film commences and ends by elevating and imposing various questions such because the Anglo-Indian surroundings in the course of the British India, friendship between the Englishmen and the Indians, the function of gender and race is observed here. There is a massive concept of cultural clash, which takes place between the east and the west, and has been put into the limelight.

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The British staying in Chandrapore with their household had an altogether completely different setting for themselves. They had their very own sources of entertainments similar to English Clubs the place Indians weren’t allowed to enter. They attempted on making a mini Britain away from it where all sort of British entertainments have been discovered such as English exhibits, ball dance events and so forth. that took place within the membership.

Their social life revolves round Anglo-Indians solely and they’re least bothered in regards to the Indians. Lean shows that while they aspire to create healthy relations with the brown man additionally they lacked and failed to grasp what India basically is and whom the Indians are. Coming to Godbole aka Alec Guinness, based on him he carried out a sickeningly terrible role but I found him to be respectable. It can be stated that the role he was allotted was somewhat pitiful as he was presented as an orthodox and a typical Indian Brahmin.

A Britisher being given an Indian character the function could not have came from within however regardless of the very fact he managed to come back out quite properly.

Friendship sees no race, culture, color & religion and is pure. Throughout the movie Lean has tried on proving this point by showing the pure form of friendship of Dr. Aziz with Mrs. Moore and Mr. Fielding. The two women Ms. Adela Quested and Mrs. Moore were fully unaware about the chasm of East and West and so after they first visited India they treated Indians exactly Dr. Aziz with type heart and humanity in distinction to the opposite Englishmen’s treating the Indians. Even Dr. Aziz found Mrs. Moore to be some of the kind-faced English girls he ever got here across. E.M. Fosters in his book described it, as “They had no consciousness of race, Mrs. Moore being too old and Ms. Quested being too new for this.” Moreover when Dr. Aziz, Hamidullah and Mahamoud Ali had been engaged in the conversation on whether or not or not the Englishmen and the Indians ever be friend? Hamidullah advised with a spark in his eyes that was associates with one British family beforehand, which he nonetheless cherishes. In the beginning Aziz was seen contemptuous of the Britishers but eventually when he met Mrs. Moore and Mr. Fielding issues changed. These situations inform us there may be not impossibility that Englishmen and Indian can’t be pals and not all Englishmen are merciless some have a sort hearted as nicely.

Mrs. Moore and Ms. Quested have been fairly disenchanted to see the identical tradition prevailing here as in England and had a longing want to see the “real India” and so Dr. Aziz and Mr. Fielding deliberate to take them to the nice Marabar Caves. They had a prepare to Marabar earlier than the daybreak. Everyone apart from Mr. Fielding and Godbole arrived on the station on time. Dr. Aziz was confident sufficient as he knew Englishmen never misses a train however contrastingly they missed their train. Dr. Aziz grew to become the only individual guiding them Marabar. The next day when they reached the cave and went inside Mrs. Moore feeling suffocated contained in the dark echoing cave came out and requested Dr. Aziz & Ms. Quested to move on and enjoy themselves. Soon after they climbed up Ms. Quested began to really feel claustrophobic and the film is silent onto the scenes right here, she goes down and went again to the city with Mr. Collector and accused Dr. Aziz with the heinous cost of rape. The query of rape is due to this fact completely ambiguous. Here comes the role of gender and race to play, Ms. Quested being an “English Lady” the accused was instantly arrested without having found strong evidences. Justice in India during the British Raj was fairly difficult and fairly biased. In the prevalent British India where Indians already suffered justice was never served they usually had been always seemed down upon. Eventually ultimately it is clear by Ms. Quested’s withdrawal that it was a mere hallucination, which she suffered in the cave due to claustrophobe and Dr. Aziz, is not responsible of rape.

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