“A Raisin within the Sun” Film Analysis

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27 September 2021

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“A Raisin in the Sun” is a film about a Black household that has their very own personal issues. Through this writing issues shall be discussed about families living preparations, the family improvement, and household love. Insite might be explored on completely different elements of the movie.

In any family, there are lots of issues that may occur in their family. Some of the Youngers issues were how they got alongside in their house. It was an an argument everyday. For instance, Walter and his mom got into an argument about her not giving him the money for liquor retailer.

Even Walter and Betty had plenty of arguments. One being how Walter wanted Betty to surrender being a health care provider, so that his mama can see an additional reason for giving him the cash for his liquor store. They at all times argued about the smallest issues most of them are began by Walter. One major argument was about how he spent the money. Last but not least, there are points with Ms.

Lena and Walter. Ms.Lena always tries to search out the great in Walter. That’s her son and all true enough, however I really feel like she should cease babying him and let him be an actual man. Everybody has flaws but doesn’t know how to settle for them.

One factor that is definite the Younger household: they need to take on many duties. Of course like another household, The Younger got by way of most of their problems. The biggest one being realizing what the money was actually for.

In the movie, everyone was so upset not for them it was for their mom Ms.Lena. Walter. Walter and Betty had their own way of desirous to spend the money that it tousled their relationship. It took Ms.Lena on the finish of the movie to provide them a speech about how that a lot money was given to her for them to realize what they had been doing was foolish. That simply comes to show that cash is actually the “ Money is power, freedom, a cushion the foundation of all evil, the sum of blessings.”~ Carl Sandburg

In the times when the movie was written households of ten had a sure particular person they might want to go away for the Younger generation. In this film, the character “Travis” was not proven a lot, however what Ms.Lena did for him made him an necessary a part of the story. Travis is Walter Lee and Ruth’s son. In the film once Ms.Lena received the money she decided she was going to purchase a home. She did just that, but what shocked the household the family was that she did it for little Travis. On down within the movie, Walter messes up the money. He felt like he could fix it so he thought selling the home back would make make everything alright. That showed the he truly cared about one thing. That was not what neither of them desired, so it took Ms.Lena to offer all of them a break down on why shopping for that home in the first place was essential. Walter then had a change of thoughts and to Karl Linder that they that they wished to keep their home, that comes to indicate that inside every particular person love does exist.

Although you have a crazy family life, whatever else you might have going on does not imply you shut those that love and care about you out! I feel that family has a lot of anger for all the incorrect reasons. If you talk more that can get rid of the drama that can soon be brought on. With that being said love your family and cherish them cause they would be the ones that catch you if you fall.

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