A Sicilian Romance by Ann Radcliffe

The happening takes place on the end of sixteenth century in Sicily, better within the Castle of Ferdinando Mazzini: “a man. His first spouse, Louisa Bernini, died after giving him two daughters, Julia and Emilia, and a son, Ferdinand.

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After the demise of his first wife, he dedicated the training of his daughter to Madame Menon and married Maria de Vellarno then he strikes to Naples with her and his son whereas Julia and Emilia remained again on the Castle. The Castle was divided into two major elements and just one was lived by the 2 young girls, Madame de Menon and some servants.

The south wing was left empty and there happed strange events, similar to terrifying sounds and unusual lights.

As quickly as Ferdinand’s birthday arrived the depend of Mazzini determined to rejoice it within the Castle. Lots of people had been invited to affix the party; considered one of them was Hyppolito, count of Verona. Julia felt in love with him as soon as she saw him for the first time even him began to feel one thing sturdy for the girl.

Also Maria de Vellano, who had already identified Hyppolito in Naples, liked him so she tried in each method to separate the 2 younger lovers.

In the meantime strange information continued to happed within the southern wing of the Castle. Julia and Emilia, whose bedrooms had been next to this a part of the citadel, have been scared by these terrifying sounds so Ferdinand decided to go and management what was happening.

Afterwards he determined to speak to his father concerning the occasions and the count of Mazzini revealed him a secret in regards to the Castle: there was a ghost that wandered in the south wing, a spirit that belongs to a killed persons.

While Julia was falling deeper and deeper in love with Hyppolito, the depend of Mazzini determined to led she to marry the Duke of Luano, due to his social class and economical place that was very properly, and so in this method he could enhance his status and his power. He proposed it to his daughter and when Julia refused he constructed her to do his will saying that if she didn’t marry the duke of Luano she would have to became nun. Julia, hopeless, determined to run away with Hyppolito to avoid her father will. While they were escaping from the fort, helped by Ferdinand, they had been found and the depend of Mazzini hit Hyppolito along with his sword. Hyppolito pretended to die. Julia and Ferdinand have been imprisoned in two totally different cage of the Castle.

By now every thing was prepared for the wedding between Julia and the Duke of Luano however when the rely of Mazzini went to say his daughter to arrange herself for the ceremony he couldn’t consider to his eyes when he found the room fully empty. Suddenly he despatched some servants to look for her within the Castle environment, but she was vanished and they couldn’t be able to discover her. However researches continued and at some point a servant told the rely of Mazzini to have found the younger girl in a home in the center of Marentino Forest. Immediately the Duke of Luano and his males rushed in path of that place however they didn’t find Julia so they thought she may have run away from the house.

During the following days the Duke of Luano deceived to see Julia and Hyppolito so, reached them, he laughs towards the man. The man is recognised not as Hyppolito so the two individuals had been set free. At the identical time at the Castle Madame de Menon determined to depart the instruction of Emilia and to move to her family property in one other area of Sicily. Madame de Menon during her trip throughout the region found a lady who she recognised as Julia, she has found a refuge in the house of a servant. The day after the two women continued their travel but they were soon stopped and taken prisoners by a gaggle of males. They believed to have been caught by the Duke of Luano as a substitute of by the men who had operated the capture.

The ladies discovered one other refuge in a monastery where they met the sister of Hyppolito, Cornelia. The abate knowledgeable the Count of Mazzini about his daughter and so he imposed to the abate himself to give him Julia without any circumstances though he would have gone along with his servants to the monastery and he would have forced her to observe him. The abate, jealous of his energy, didn’t settle for the proposal so the lady was secure for the second. Mazzini returned again to take his daughter but the abate threatened him to reveal his secret if he would have dared to pressure the monastery. At this, Mazzini mentioned that he would have returned with many troopers in order to enter into the monastery. Julia was called by the abate, during the evening, to be told about her probability to stay free: settle for to live in the monastery.

The following day Julia obtained a visit of his brother Ferdinand who was escaped and who knowledgeable Julia that Hyppolito was alive, saved by a servant and moved to the coast. The two people determined to try the escape in the course of the night. During the escape they had been imprisoned one other time but quickly let out by the action of Hyppolito. However Ferdinand was not discovered but and the couple decided to persist of their intention when they have been surprised by the arrival of the Duke of Luano and his soldiers. Julia went into a cave whereas Hyppolito fought the Duke.

Wandering within the cave Julia found a door which result in the cave the place her mother was (She was imprisoned 15 years ago by Mazzini); Julia decided to stick with the mom in the cave telling her about Ferdinand and Hyppolito. In the meantime Mazzini had found the infidelity of Maria and this truth made him very upset. Maria de Vellano desperate about being found by her husband determined to suicide. Ferdinand decided to return back to his Castle when a robust storm shocked him during the journey so he was constricted to search for a refuge in a small home where he found Julia, his mother and Hyppolito.

Events happen in Italy, precisely in Sicily based on the custom of gothic novels. Sicily, with its layers of lava forming curious involutions and burning entire houses and villages, is the suitable setting. For a story so concerned with the interpretation of inside and out of doors, and the permeable cave.

The second half of the 18th century saw the growing of English travellers going to the natural and inventive beauties of “Il Bel Paese”.

There is an alternation of out of doors and indoor areas and particularly the presence of subterranean settings, that couldn’t be utterly included in the indoor sphere. An example could be the cave of Louisa’s incarceration that is a mediating position between nature (open space) and culure (the caste and generally the human expression). In fact the cave can be reached both from the castle and the pure landscape outdoors.

In concomitance with the presence of subterranean areas there’s also the presence of excessive areas like mountains and hills. The intention of Ann Radcliffe is to create a hyperlink and mediation between high locations and low ones alongside all the narration. In spite of detailed descriptions are frequent imprecision: places are wrong located, and big errors regards the topography of the locations; an example can be the confusion between Alps and Apennines.

Characters are stereotyped: Julia, the woman persecuted by the villain, the Marquis of Mazzini (and the duke of Luano), the antihero, (Ferdinand and) Hyppolito. The function of the villain could be thought of double, in fact within the novel could be traced two villains: Mazzini and the duke of Luano who helps him. Opposed to the villains there are the antiheroes: the Count of Vereza and Ferdinand the Second.

The girl is the piece contended by the 2 components of the history: the good and the dangerous respectively the antiheroes and the villains. The character are all flat because they didn’t change through the story. They are analyzed especially from their actions and their behavior. Apart frm Julia they aren’t analyzed physically. All the most important characters are nobles even if there are some servants who haven’t’ a fantastic affect in the story.

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