About A Book “Breaking Through”

“Success is not ultimate, failure isn’t deadly; it’s the braveness to proceed that counts”(Winston Churchill). Life relies on our dreams. If you ever fail along the way to your success, you’ll be tempted to get yourselves proper again and proceed your journey. Although, if ever found your self to be successful, would you stop there? Or would you’ve the courage to proceed and set larger goals for yourself? In the book “Breaking Through” during which Francisco Jimenez is the main character and author, he faces many obstacles.

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Although, Francisco has encountered a number of obstacles, he has many traits, that are being responsible, formidable and respectful.

Francisco has faced many dilemmas in his life, yet they’ve made Francisco a better person on the end of the day. Francisco has numerous of traits. Although the ones in which stood out probably the most can be being accountable, bold and respectful. Francisco has a giant quantity of characteristics, which make him such an admirable character within the guide “Breaking Through”.

The first attribute that performs a big position in Francisco’s character can be being accountable. Francisco’s goals are to go to college and have a better future for himself and his family. Although his house state of affairs and him being to migrate from Mexico, battling English trigger him to face many obstacles before he reaches his goal. Due to his home scenario, Francisco learns to be very responsible. One good example could be when Roberto and Francisco come back to Bonnetti ranch with out their dad and mom.

Roberto and Francisco had to go to excessive school and work and lastly lower your expenses to ship to their dad and mom back at Mexico. Francisco says, “The sounds of Papa’s coughing, the rattle of his aspirin bottle, and the rolling of Mama’s twelve-inch lead pipe as she pressed dough to make tortillas were absent.” Francisco says (19) The second attribute Francisco has would be is being very ambitious with helping his household and his private targets like attending school. Francisco has all the time loved learning but English has not at all times been simple for him to study. Although Francisco has other duties other than college he works in the fields and with Mike Nevel. One instance that exhibits how bold Francisco is when he runs for scholar body president. Regardless of Francisco’s other obligations he was determined to find time for school priorities. “If I run and win, I’d have to study extra in the evenings after work, sleep less, and skip some faculty dances.” “Francisco says (140)

Lastly, the third attribute that stood out to me as nicely is Francisco may be very loyal. Francisco and papa have different opinions in regards to the future. Although papa would prefer for Francisco to not go away for school, Francisco always has Papa’s needs in his coronary heart. Every determination he makes or takes into consideration, Francisco always thinks about how will it affect his family finically or emotionally. One example to this attribute can be when Francisco is at his second semester of his senior 12 months. When his fellow classmates are sharing their options on what university they may attend.

Although not for Francisco, he’s positive about Papa not letting him continue his training beyond high school. “Some had been going to the University of California at Santa Barbra or UCLA. Others got into Fresno state but have been waiting to listen to from Berkeley. I did not share their enthusiasm. I needed to keep at house and continue helping my family.” Francisco says (163) In conclusion, although Francisco has many traits that are shown in “Breaking Through” the ones that stood out probably the most me had been being accountable, bold, and constant. Characteristics are what make us an excellent or dangerous individual at the end of the day. Also, it’s meant for us to indicate different people are potential in life or different clever.