About “The Breadwinner” by Leslie Halward

“The Breadwinner” by Leslie Halward is a short story set within the 1930’s during the Great Depression. The father has misplaced his job and is relying on his son’s wages to support him and his wife. The man and ladies fight over Billy’s pay. Billy lies to his father, saying that he has misplaced the money however then there is a surprise when he gives it to his mom. The story takes place in a small house that is “meanly furnished”.

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This tells us the household are fairly poor and aren’t residing in one of the best situations.

This makes it onerous for them as they’re reminded of how dangerous their scenario is. We additionally see the household is poor as a outcome of they’re solely having bread and butter for tea: “The mother was… slicing some slices of bread and butter for tea”. This exhibits they can not afford much food and need to survive on the naked necessities. This provides tension to the house.

The writer creates a vivid impression of each character and the relationships they have with each other. First impressions of the daddy recommend that he’s fairly lazy and permits his spouse to do all of the work round the home.

At the very begin of the story we are told that he is “sprawled inelegantly in an old armchair” whereas his wife sets the table. The man also clearly has no respect for his spouse and tells her “shut your mouth”. The man and girls continually try to undermine each other.

The man’s relationship with Billy isn’t any higher. A brief tempered facet of him is revealed when Billy tells him he has misplaced the money. The man’s proceeds to beat his son: “he stepped back a few paces and took of his belt- a wide thick belt with a heavy brass buckle”.

The author does not show any indicators of compassion between the person and his son We can recognize how a lot stress the father is underneath Because he has lost his job and might now not provide for him or his household. Along together with his job he also misplaced his authority in the house. There is proof of this when the mother says “I put up with you if you were bringing cash into the, however I’m not put up with it now”. This reveals how a lot strain has been placed on the family when he misplaced his job.

This might too be why he goes to the pub, to attempt to overlook about his state of affairs at residence and meet with others in the identical place. The mom is a really attention-grabbing character. She is portrayed because the wise one of the dad and mom. While the father needs to make use of the money to purchase alcohol, the mother desires to spend it on meals and rent: “It’ll pay the lease and purchase us a little bit of food, and not go into the till at the nearest public-house”. There is proof that this causes regular battle inside the home when it says she was “obviously repeating one thing she had mentioned a quantity of instances before”.

The mom stands up for Billy when he’s being overwhelmed by the person: “The lady leapt ahead and seized the belt but… the husband pushed her aside easily”. This tells us the ladies could be very protective of her son and will put herself in peril to cease him from being damage. Another piece of proof that shows that the girl cares deeply for her son is that “the ladies jumped to her feet and ran upstairs to the boy’s bedroom. She hugs her son “consoling him”. This shows how robust their relationship is. Billy is underneath a lot of pressure from his parents.

He was the one that his dad and mom were taking care of but now they’re relying on his wages for them to survive. He is pressured to choose who to give his money to, his mother or his father. If Billy was to provide the money to his father it will be because he was scared of what would happen if he didn’t. We can assume this as a result of we are advised that Billy is “afraid of his father”. However Billy offers the cash to his mother as a result of he is aware of that he can trust her, even understanding what his father would likely do.