Abraham Lincoln Letter to Horace Greeley Analysis

The second Inaugural was writing during the time of the Civil War. The battle between the north and the south continued. President Lincoln appeared to be principally supportive of the north, which can be concluded based on being against slavery. Regardless, the president was making an attempt to save the union, despite the very fact that it might mean not liberating the slaves “If I might save the union with out freeing any slave, I would do so” (Lincoln, p. 1, 1862). Especially in his letter to Horace Greeley, one can see how keen the president was to save the union.

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With the Quote “Both read the same Bible, and pray to the same God; and every invokes his aid in opposition to the other” Lincoln is emphasizing on the unity that the division truly has, which is being an excellent Christian and reading the bible. The second half of the quote shows the misuse of the bible. Invoking god to help against the opposite isn’t what prayers are for “the almighty has his personal purposes” and will not even be excited about resolving this concern.

Instead, in accordance with Lincoln, it’s even possible that god disapproves of slavery and the civil struggle is a half of their punishment.

Once once more, an attempt is made to let the folks realize that slavery is unethical and will even upset god. In conclusion, either side are Christian, which ought to be bounding, as faith is supposed to deliver individuals closer collectively. Secondly, prayers are not used for what it should. America has misplaced sight of what is important according to god, which is peace (with slaves) and not aiding warfare.

I contemplate the quote as vital, due to the influence has. The persons are again reminded on values of true Christianity, which even in modern America, one can lose sight of.