Absoulutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian Struggles of Arnold Spirit

In the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie, Arnold Spirit the main character struggles with being an Indian and going to Reardan, the all-white faculty the place he wants to search out hope. He struggles with acceptance because of his incapacity and he’s an Indian. He also battle with dropping his finest friend Rowdy as a pal, and he also struggles with losing family members. Though he has many, he copes with them and fixes them in the end.

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Throughout the story Arnold struggles together with his disability. He is a very smart particular person however because of his disability his appearance makes him seem like he’s silly. To high this all off he’s additionally an Indian attending an all-white school. This causes the white folks to make enjoyable of him in addition to the Indians and he feels totally different and unwanted by everybody. “And once I arrived at Reardan, I became something lower than lower than lower than Indian.

Those white youngsters did not discuss to me. They barely looked at me”(83). This exhibits that he was not accepted on the reservation as an Indian or at Reardan due to what he was. He had no pals at Reardan, not even a pal on the rez anymore.

When Arnold determined that he needed to go to Reardan he wanted his solely and best good friend, Rowdy to go together with him. When he informed Rowdy about going to Reardan he felt like Arnold was abandoning him.

He received really upset and offended and made it clear they were now not friends. “I stayed on the ground for an extended time after Rowdy walked away…But I needed to stand finally, and once I did, I knew my finest good friend had turn out to be my worst enemy”(53). This reveals that Rowdy resented Arnold so much for going to Reardan he didn’t want to be associates with Arnold anymore. In addition to shedding his greatest good friend he lost many different individuals, solely another way.

One final struggle Arnold confronted was dropping many loved ones. He lost his canine, grandmother, Eugene (His dads finest friend) and his sister. He not only blamed himself for the deaths but also many others blamed him as a outcome of he left the rez and betrayed them in a way by going to Reardan and making pals with white people. “‘Your sister is lifeless since you left us. You killed her.’…Rowdy was right. I had killed my sister…It was all my fault”(211). This exhibits that Arnold felt like in a means it was his fault and some of the Indians on the rez felt the same. He blamed himself for every bad thing that had occurred all his life.

Arnold had a troublesome life, he struggled to slot in, to keep his finest friend and with dropping many loved ones. Arnold slowly made associates at Reardan by simply being himself. In the top he and Rowdy made up. They put the past behind them. Arnold additionally forgave himself for all the loved ones he misplaced; he also hoped that everybody else forgave him too. Losing loved ones is a traditional part of life. No one ought to take the blame when it was never their fault. Making pals can additionally be onerous Especially when you’re in a completely new setting or you are shy. Sometimes greatest pals will fight. It can final for a brief while or a lengthy time. Its important to remember we cannot choose somebody due to who they’re or where they arrive from. Put yourself of their footwear; how would you feel?