ABSTRACTIn developing world plastics pays a major function in everyone”s life It

ABSTRACTIn creating world, plastics pays a major role in everyone’s life. It has been used all through worldwide. It has numerous functions in various merchandise. But it also play a serious role in contributing well being problem to human as nicely as to animals. This research examines the well being issues raised as a end result of using plastics in Tirunelveli District. It goals to study the health problems faced by the respondents, reason for the health points and suggestions to avoid such well being issues.

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The data was collected from 75 respondents in the area of Tirunelveli metropolis and analysed using SPSS bundle.KEYWORDS: health issues, use of plastics, burning of plastics.INTRODUCTIONToday, plastic is all around us. We can see the plastic within the farm of food and beverage containers, pen, baggage, and packaging and so forth. plastics are made up of various chemical compounds. Burning of the plastics will make the toxic components to evaporate into the air and be breathed in. They will take in into the skin.

Burned plastics also creates the respiratory problem. New plastic gadgets may have a robust odour, long period usage of plastic water bottles, consuming the new meals in a plastic container or storing the recent meals or drink within the plastic covers or container will make the chemicals to soak up simply into the body. It will create harmful results on the well being of the human being. It may cause cancers, birth defects, impaired immunity, and other illnesses. Animals also eat it and the meat, milk of such animals also affects the health of human beings.

As of 2018, about 380 million tons of plastics is produced worldwide every year mentioned Wikipedia. Some of the researchers suggest that by 2050 there could also be probability for extra plastics than the fish within the ocean.Many of the people use the plastics without figuring out the problems or they may not have the awareness in regards to the air pollution triggered as a outcome of plastics. Burning of plastics cause the irritation to the eyes and also trigger air pollution. Such smog are the rationale for many accidents. By strict guidelines and laws will scale back the effects of the plastics in human health. The examine concentrate on the well being drawback triggered as a result of plastics. For that 75 respondents have been chosen on the basis of the conveyance sampling methodOBJECTIVES To study the demographic profile of the respondents. To analyse the health problems confronted by the respondents To establish the reason for the well being problems. To provide suggestions in this regard.METHODOLOGYThis paper is especially consider the well being problems faced by the respondents as a end result of the utilization of the plastics in Tirunelveli city. It contains each main and secondary information. The primary information have been collected through the questionnaire. The secondary knowledge regarding the plastics and well being issues were obtained from textual content books, journals and websites. The primary information have been collected from 75 respondents. The collected knowledge had been analysed by the statistical software like proportion analysis and rank check for making the findings.ANALYSIS The analysis was made for fulfil the objectives of the research. The first desk exhibits the demographic profile of the respondents and the second and third desk exhibits the diseases triggered as a end result of plastics and elements that are the rationale for the well being points caused as a end result of plastics.TABLE 1Table 1 reveals the demographic profile of the respondents.VARIABLE CATEGORY NUMBERS PERCENTAGEGENDER Male 52 sixty nine.33 Female 23 30.67 TOTAL seventy five 100AGE BELOW 25 29 38.7 26-30 10 thirteen.3 31-35 20 26.7 ABOVE 35 sixteen 21.3 TOTAL seventy five 100EDUCATION Higher secondary 8 10.7 Under graduate 28 37.3 Post graduate 27 Others 12 sixteen.0 TOTAL 75 100INCOME Below 25000 16 21.three 25,001 ” 50,000 25 33.three 50,001 ” 75,000 19 25.three Above seventy five,000 15 20 TOTAL a hundred a hundred MARITAL STATUS Married 27 36 Unmarried 48 64 TOTAL 75 one hundred Source: Primary dataFrom the above desk 1 it’s clear that sixty nine.33 proportion of the respondents are male and 30.sixty seven proportion are female. 38.7 percentage of the respondents are beneath 25, 13.three proportion of the respondents are 26 ” 30, 26.7 proportion of the respondents are 31 ” 35 and 21.3 proportion of the respondents are above 35. 10.7 share of the respondents are having larger secondary as their qualification, 37.3 percentage of the respondents are beneath graduates, 36.0 share are publish graduated and sixteen proportion of the respondents are accomplished other courses. 21.3 percentage of the respondents are incomes beneath 25,000, 33.3 share of the respondents are incomes 25,001 ” 50,000, 25.three proportion of the respondents are incomes 50,001 ” 75,000 and 20 share of the respondents are incomes above 75,000. 27 proportion of the respondents are married and forty eight percentage of the respondents are unmarried.TABLE 2Table 2 shows the well being issues brought on due to the plastics.S.NO FACTORS MEAN SCORE RANK1. Eye irritation 289.51 I2. Asthma & allergies 286.seventy three II3. Liver dysfunction 263.13 VI4. Skin diseases 285.61 III5. Birth effect 283.22 IV6. Lungs downside 280.51 VSource: primary dataTable 2 shows that many of the respondents have given first rank to eye irritation with Garrett imply score 289.51, second rank was given to bronchial asthma and allergic reactions with the Garrett imply rating 286.73, third rank was assigned to pores and skin ailments with the imply rating of 285.61, fourth rank was allotted to start effect with the mean rating of 283.22, fifth rank was given to lungs problem with the imply score of 280.fifty one, finally sixth rank was given to liver dysfunction with the mean score of 263.thirteen.TABLE three Table 3 shows the explanations for the health points.S.NO FACTORS MEAN SCORE RANK1. Using low quality plastics 384.three III2. Burning of plastics 406.5 I3. Throwing plastics in water 381.8 IV4. Plastics eaten by the home animals 372.88 V5. Chemical content in plastics 385.2 II6. others 370.166 VISource: main dataTable three shows that majority of the respondents had given first rank to the burning of plastics as the explanation for health points with mean score of 406.5, second rank was given to chemical contents in plastics with Garrett rating of 385.2, third rank was assigned to using low quality plastics with the mean Garrett score of 384.three, fourth rank was given to throwing plastics in water with the mean rating of 381.8, fifth rank was assigned to plastics eaten by the home animals, sixth rank was given to other causes with the Garrett imply score of 370.166.FINDINGSThe following are the findings done by the researcher. Majority of the respondents of the respondents are male (69.33%). Most of the respondents come beneath under 25 in age sensible classification with the proportion of 38.7. 37.3 share of the respondents are accomplished undergraduate. Majority of the respondents are incomes income between 25,001 ” 50,000 (33.33) sixty four share of the respondents are single Eye irritation is the major well being issue with the Garrett imply rating of 289.fifty one Burning of plastics is the main cause for well being points.SUGGESTIONSThe following are the suggestions made from the findings. Many of the people not know about the problems raised due to the plastics, lack of awareness is the main drawback among the folks. Many occasions government are taking steps to cut back the plastics waste but because of lack of information and ignorance many well being points are raised due to plastics. There ought to be extra programs taken place to create awareness about plastics. People ought to cut back the burning of plastics. Plastic burning is the main purpose for the well being points. Problems like eye irritation, allergies and asthma, skin disease are triggered primarily because of the burning. Though authorities are taking steps it ought to improve the notice and penalties, punishment should prolong in order to save the people from the undesirable diseases. Stop using plastic straws, use a reusable produce bag, purchase boxes instead of bottles, avoid plastics for beverages, use matches as an alternative of plastic lighters. CONCLUSIONMany of the people are affected unknowingly by the plastic waste. The solution is feasible only when we are attempt to work of it. Environment health could be very much important for the health of the widespread individuals. Nature is a biggest present given by god. Study nature, love nature, keep near nature. It will never fail you.

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