Abuse Issues in Short Story Celia behind Me

“Celia behind Me” is a Canadian brief story, which was written by Isabel Huggan and published in 1984. The setting of the quick story is a typical neighborhood in Canada, where two ladies, Celia and Elizabeth, live. The short story is written from Elizabeth’s point of view.

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The title ‘Celia behind me’ is exactly what it says; Celia is at all times behind the narrator, Elizabeth, whether it’s in school, on the best way residence or in their neighborhood. Celia is all the time a number of steps behind.

Ex. Celia is in the grade below Elizabeth, she always walks only a few steps behind Elizabeth on the method in which house, and Elizabeth is only a smidge higher than Celia in her social circle.

Celia is a diabetic and overweight lady; she wears thick glasses and has a rare name, which at all times makes her classmates mock her. She is a straightforward victim for humiliation, because she is different from her classmates in each habits and appearance.

She actually desires to be a part of the popular group and make associates, however it’s almost inconceivable for her, as she is expelled from her classmates’ community.

Celia is always alone, although she very properly could possibly be a really good, and sensible, lady. She solely tries to get along, however sadly she appears to be so determined, that her behaviour annoys her classmates. No matter what she does, she is always the chosen scapegoat. The teasing only will get worse, after she falls behind in school and has to do the complete grade once more.

Elizabeth is a young lady and the story’s narrator. Elizabeth may be very unsure about herself, and she or he is afraid of being bullied, so she tries to be a half of the clique together with her classmates, and being within the clique means, that Elizabeth needs to be the bully. Her clique victimizes Celia. Elizabeth is aware of the truth; if it wasn’t for Celia, she could be the next within the line of being humiliated by her so referred to as associates. She bullies Celia as a method to guard her popularity and place in the clique.

Elizabeth is conscious of what it feels wish to be a victim of bullying, and she is scared. She sucked her thumb overtly in kindergarten and got the nickname: “Sucky”, which everyone called her till Grade three. She ignores Celia’s feelings, as a result of she has a really low self-confidence and feels alone, so she won’t face the chance of standing as a lot as her mean classmates. She doesn’t feel peace inside herself, which makes her very annoyed.

(P. 3 ll. 60-66) “Little beasts we have been, making our method along slippery streets. Celia, her glasses steamed up even worse than mine, would scuffle and trip a quantity of yards behind us, and I walked alongside wishing that a while I’d look again and he or she wouldn’t be there. But she all the time was, and I was all the time acutely aware of the hatred that had constructed up in the course of the winter, in battle with different feelings that gave me no peace in any respect.”

Elizabeth abhors Celia, as a end result of she is aware of deep down inside, that they have lots in widespread. They both put on glasses, they’re each a little chubby and so they each have a uncommon, way too grown-up name. It is clear, that Elizabeth’s worst worry is to be singled out with Celia, as a end result of she won’t be able to take care of being a sufferer.

The women control Elizabeth’s conduct, because they can expel her from their clique, and deal with her like they deal with Celia. The ladies really are very poor in solidarity, they usually go away no place for variations. Elizabeth’s mother warns her about the way she treats Celia, telling her that she herself will get to feel that way sooner or later. One day Elizabeth falls behind on the means in which home from college, Celia remains to be following them round, and when Celia calls for Elizabeth to wait, the ladies activate Elizabeth. They begin calling her ‘Sucky’ and doing what Elizabeth fears most; they bully her like they do Celia. Elizabeth snaps, and starts beating the dwelling daylight out of Celia, yelling at her how a lot she hates her. When the opposite ladies get her pulled of Celia, Elizabeth runs. (P.6 ll. 164) “She’d been half-carried; half-dragged residence by the heroic others……”

I suppose it is sort of ironic, that the imply, bullying clique of ladies carry Celia residence, as a end result of a few minutes earlier, earlier than Elizabeth attacked Celia, that they had left Celia wandering around alone and scared within the pipe. That is an affidavit of how pretend girls can be. Celia being the method in which she is forgives Elizabeth very quickly, but even as Celia dies at seventeen, Elizabeth never really does forgive Celia. Because what Celia has accomplished to Elizabeth is lots worse than a physical beating, Celia is the one that confirmed Elizabeth, how ark and horrifying she really is.

The brief story’s main theme is bullying, which clearly reflect all trough the story. The more unique factor within the story is that we experience the occurrences in Elizabeth’s perspective. Normally you’d observe the story within the victim’s point of view, but is extra interesting and scary, to follow the mind of the “mean” character, like for instance Elizabeth.