Abuse of Medication in Rutgers University


The abuse of medication prescribed for ADHD is a problem that has effects on University students around the globe. The most commonly known drugs that are being abused by faculty students are Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, and Concerta nonetheless, I will generally use Adderall as my terminology when referring to all medicines for simplicity. Through my four years at Rutgers I really have witnessed plenty of college students abuse Adderall for finding out and recreational functions with only few really being prescribed the drug. There are a mess of points that come together with the abuse of Adderall but I will mainly tackle the issues of academic equity and health risks associated with the drug.

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Andrew Jacobs says that, “As many as 20 p.c of college college students have used Ritalin or Adderall to check, write papers and take exams, based on current surveys targeted on particular person campuses (Jacobs 1). University docs such as Dr. Robert A. Winfield, Director of University Health Service at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, have seen a rise in the variety of college students who claim to have A.

D.H.D. to find a way to achieve a prescription for the drug (Jacobs 1). In truth, from the year 2002 to 2010 the number of Adderall prescriptions given out in the United States had doubled from four million to eight million, probably showcasing simply how simple it’s to achieve a prescription for the drug (Fenton & Wunderlich 2). Through a rise in University students gaining Adderall prescriptions it is only inevitable that there may also be a rise in students who aren’t prescribed Adderall taking the drug as nicely.

Adderall use has turn out to be a typical way for college college students to cope with the rigorous quantities of schoolwork and studying that they face, with many college students also seeing it as a method to gain a bonus on the rest of students in their extremely competitive majors. I believe that the perceived ‘productivity’ related to Adderall use makes the drug particularly harmful for school kids since they consider it as a ‘miracle drug’ that produces constructive outcomes. Other prescribed drugs such as painkillers don’t create any type of productivity for students, and that may shy many individuals away from using. In a Desantis et al. study, many of the University students that have been surveyed about their Adderall use got here up with arguments such as, “i’m doing it for the right reasons”, “it comes from the medical establishment”, and “it has no internal/physical side-effects” (Desantis). These perceptions are greatly factoring into the tradition of Adderall acceptance in Universities across the nation, and are perceptions that I purpose to vary inside my goal inhabitants. It has been found that the non-medical use of any stimulant drug can lead to heart and blood vessel issues in addition to drug abuse and dependence (Vimont). This dependence on the drug for academic functions can even create dangerous habits for faculty students as they enter the workforce in their near futures. Students who relied so heavily on the drug all through their 4 years at school might even see themselves starting to take it to maximise their work outputs. Going ahead, I will talk about a selected population that is affected by Adderall abuse and in need of more preventive measures against the growing epidemic.


The Population that I will be focusing on is Rutgers University New Brunswick campus students. I selected Rutgers because the University is ranked the number one public University in New Jersey, top 25 public University in the nation, and a high one hundred world University by the U.S. News and World Report of America’s greatest faculties, and its the University that I currently attend. These rankings show Rutgers academic prowess, popularity, and competitiveness, which are all causes for Rutgers students to abuse Adderall to compensate for the problem of their teachers. New Jersey is not any completely different than different state in that Adderall may be prescribed by a medical skilled to these who are diagnosed with A.D.H.D. after an examination. The distribution of the drug by those who are prescribed is illegal and faces ramifications of up to 18 months in jail and a fantastic of as much as $50,000. These charges alone wouldn’t be enough to forestall Rutgers college students or any University pupil that’s prescribed the drug to cease distributing it to others as a end result of they’re given such finite amounts of the drug that it will be very tough for a scholar to be caught promoting it to others. A study conducted at Rutgers University asked 122 Rutgers college students if they’d ever used Adderall, and found that 11.9 p.c of the students have used it as a study help and that seventy five.4 % of the scholars surveyed find the use of Adderall to be socially acceptable (Sikorski). Lisa Laitman, a former director of the Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program for Students at Rutgers says that, “most non-prescribed college students who take Adderall are unaware of the risks of taking a stimulant and they could not know that they have a coronary heart condition till they try Adderall” (Sikorski). This research along with the potential health risks of taking an A.D.H.D. prescribed medicine should be enough cause for Rutgers University to begin out creating more consciousness for students concerning the dangers of taking Adderall so as to stop the elevated use of the drug in addition to changing students’ perceptions concerning the drug as being ‘productive’ and socially acceptable.



To forestall the issue of Adderall abuse at Rutgers University, the college should implement applications and policies that make for more exact diagnoses of A.D.H.D. for school students seeking to obtain a prescription for Adderall via the varsity clinicians. I imagine that creating extra obstacles and precise measures for students seeking to acquire a prescription for Adderall through the college will assist with the difficulty of scholars faking A.D.H.D. diagnoses.


A successful model of a University combating against the abuse of Adderall may be seen at Miami University of Ohio, where students seeking an A.D.H.D. analysis are required to take part in time management workshops, and a session about taking medications safely via the University’s counseling service earlier than being prescribed any medicine (Vimont). The workshops are once every week for a quantity of weeks aim to show students at Miami University about how to correctly handle their time, sleep, eat, research, and so forth. (Vimont). I will be implementing these exact kinds of conferences into my plan for Rutgers to battle their Adderall abuse downside. I am proposing that Rutgers implement comparable required workshops that shall be ran by a Rutgers CAPS psychiatrist in order to help combat the quantity of scholars falsely looking for an A.D.H.D. prescription. These workshops are efficient as a outcome of they might help college students who legitimately assume they’ve A.D.H.D. be taught alternative routes to succeed academically and prevent students in search of to abuse Adderall by creating more obstacles for them. At Miami University, college students who accomplished the time management workshops together with students who’re already prescribed the drug must attend a meeting about preserving your prescription medication protected in a college setting (Vimont). I plan to also implement an identical meeting into my plan as a outcome of it is going to be very important in helping to forestall the distribution of Adderall from the scholars who have been prescribed by way of the varsity. If students study in regards to the repercussions and risks of promoting their prescription treatment to different college students it could possibly help with the problem of students giving their Adderall away. Miami Universities workers psychiatrist says in regards to the workshops, “We slow down the method to display out the people who just want a quick fix” (Vimont). Elongating the method is exactly the answer that Rutgers would see if my plan have been to be implemented, and in the end it will present fewer college students efficiently gaining Adderall prescriptions by way of the varsity. If Rutgers University were to undertake an analogous prevention program with workshops for students who believe they’ve A.D.H.D. and different psychiatric problems they’ll more effectively reduce campus prescription drug use.

Fresno State University is another nice model of a school that actively has preventative measures in place to combat Adderall abuse amongst their college students. The school wished to prevent the abuse of the drug as quickly as they observed a surge of students making an attempt to get identified with A.D.H.D. through the school’s psychiatrists (Schwarz). Because of this the varsity applied a model new coverage geared in the course of decreasing A.D.H.D. medication abuse amongst its students. Fresno State now not has their very own psychiatrists make diagnoses for prescription drugs and requires that college students provide documentation of a radical mental evaluation by a certified physician to have the ability to get their prescription crammed by way of the colleges well being middle (Schwarz). In my plan, Rutgers CAPS psychiatrists will still be capable of prescribe college students Adderall, nevertheless, I will use Fresno State’s policy of requiring college students who seek to fill their existing prescription show documentation of a thorough diagnoses from a doctor. I consider this shall be an essential facet of my plan because it’s another barrier for college kids who weren’t extensively evaluated earlier than getting their Adderall prescription. In addition, one other key policy from this model that I plan to duplicate is that “Fresno State doesn’t enable early refills to exchange lost or stolen medication” (Schwarz). This is one other preventative measure that Rutgers can use to make sure that college students usually are not abusing their A.D.H.D. treatment. I believe that these strategies of decreasing Adderall abuse would prove effective for Rutgers because it ensures a extra accurate prognosis for school students in search of to achieve or refill an Adderall prescription by way of the school.



Making Rutgers New Brunswick campus college students aware of the issue of the risks of abusing A.D.H.D. medicines and the health risks associated with it.

Spread of posters throughout campus: (3 days – every week to make posters, get copies printed, and submit them around campus) These might be informational posters concerning the health dangers related to A.D.H.D. medicine abuse. The aim of these posters is to coach college students who might not know of the risks of taking stimulants for learning. I plan to get permission from restaurants and businesses alongside Easton avenue to post flyers outside/inside of their institutions along with getting permission from the school to submit flyers in and outdoors of college buildings.

The poster will have statistics from the American Addiction Centers showing the unfavorable well being results of prescription stimulants.

The poster may also have tabs that college students can rip off containing a link to a survey about their experiences with Adderall usage. This survey can help give us more details about the odds of students who’re taking Adderall, for what reason they take it, if it helped their academic performance, and so forth.

Post an Ad within the Daily Targum (school newspaper): (2 weeks – 1 month to create the advert, despatched it to the Daily Targum, get it approved, and get it published) This ad will talk about a few of the long term risks of taking Adderall corresponding to psychiatric issues, seizures, irregular heartbeat, etc.

This advert will use the “shock advertising” strategy, which is meant to strike worry into a viewer of the commercial. I need students to turn into aware of some of the risks they take in the event that they abuse the drug.


My campaign will actively attempt to persuade the college to implement new policies to assist stop prescription drug abuse amongst students.

Request that the varsity add amphetamine abuse to the “Not Anymore for Alcohol & Other Drugs” studying module. This learning module is required to be taken by all freshman at Rutgers University and I believe adding the hazards associated with abusing amphetamines such as Adderall to it will give incoming freshman some information on why it can be dangerous for you.

Have Rutgers change its coverage for filling A.D.H.D. prescriptions in order that a scholar can only refill their existing prescription via the school if they provide documentation from their diagnoses and a CAPS psychiatrist sees it as respectable. Also disallow early refills of A.D.H.D. treatment.



The prevention methods that I would recommend can be much like those utilized in my mannequin from Miami University of Ohio.

Have the university implement weekly ninety minute workshops for faculty students inquiring about an A.D.H.D. analysis. These workshops will educate college students about how to correctly time manage, sleep, eat, study, and so forth. These workshops should go on for about 6-8 weeks and can help show which students may actually have A.D.H.D. These workshops will also create extra limitations for the scholars on the lookout for a false analysis. The workshops will be held with Counseling Adap & Psychiatric Services (CAPS) psychiatrists and only upon completion can a scholar then be eligible for an A.D.H.D. screening.


I will be asking Melodee Lasky, MD, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health and Wellness to fund my initiative. I think she can be one of the best match since she is in command of well being and wellness at Rutgers and I believe my initiative is essential in growing psychological well being for faculty students on campus by decreasing the abuse of the prescription drug Adderall.


Posters one hundred Posters = $1,499

University Psychiatrist for workshop conferences $103.89 per hour X 3 workshops per week X forty weeks = $12,466.8


Total Cost $13,965.8