Acceptance Speech – Martin Luther King

Acceptance Speech Martin Luther King was an African American activist and leader who devoted his life to combating for equal rights for coloured individuals in America. Grown up in a Baptist family, Christianity held a huge fascination for Martin Luther King, which is often mirrored in his speeches. In 1964, he acquired the Nobel Peace Prize for his achievements in the battle for equality and independence for coloured individuals. When receiving the award, Martin Luther King expresses his appreciation by a speech in Oslo.

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This speech is barely totally different to his different speeches corresponding to “I have a dream” or “Eulogy” as he uses much less metaphors and alliterations and never solely focuses on racial discrimination in the United States of America. He makes use of high vocabulary, as he speaks to a highly educated non-American viewers in a humble tone. Martin Luther King begins his speech with the words: “The tortuous street which has led from Montgomery to Alabama to Oslo… This can be classified as a metaphor, as “tortuous road” emphasizes that Negros had to undergo humiliation, exploitation and oppression for a quantity of years.

But this “road” gave new hope to the folks in the United States, as it’s mentioned in the speech: “This highway has opened for all Americans a model new era of progress and hope. ” This is an prolonged metaphor that seems all through the entire paragraph, as he goes on with:” a superhighway of injustice”. These words show that the civil rights motion can’t be stopped anymore and can finally convey justice for Negros.

Throughout the speech many alliteration occur such as:”faith in the future” or “bright dawn of peace and brotherhood”. These examples present that alliterations point attention to the sentence and help to repair the reader’s thoughts. It then goes on with the simile: “Man is more flotsam and jetsam in the river of life”. By these words Martin Luther King desires to emphasise that it is potential for everyone to alter something on the earth, although people do not be in agreement.

Later he says:” I refuse to just accept the view that mankind is so tragically sure to Starless midnight of racism and warfare that the intense daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never turn into a reality”. By metaphor “starless midnight of racism” Martin Luther King wants to point was considerate to one thing unsolvable or unchangeable. By the phrases “bright dawn of peace and brotherhood”, he which can additionally be a metaphor, he emphasizes thatpeace and brotherhood will finally be achieved. However, hese metaphor are very effective as they make the summary or unknown concrete nevertheless it also enlivens the reader’s imagination. This sentence also can intently be categorised as a balanced sentence, as Martin Luther King tells us what to do and what not to do. However, this helps to steer the viewers so stand up for their rights. Throughout the speech many anaphoras happen similar to “I refuse to accept” or “I consider that”. This rhetorical gadget emphasizes Martin Luther King’s goal for equal rights everywhere in the world.

Later on it says: “I refuse to merely accept the concept the ‘is-ness’ of man’s present nature makes him morally incapable of reaching up for the everlasting ‘ought-ness’ that endlessly confronts him. ” Martin Luther King had a imaginative and prescient for the way things must be. He exhibits us to refuse to just accept issues for a way they’re, and as an alternative strive to find the solution for how they should be. Martin Luther King will all the time stay some of the influential and best freedom fighters in the world. Though his commitment and persuasion, he achieved lots for Afro American individuals within the USA.