Accident Prevention Program

The committee is made up of management-designated representatives and one employee-elected representative every from the workplace, manufacturing unit and out of doors gross sales divisions of our company. Employees in every division will elect from among themselves a consultant to be on the committee. If there is solely one volunteer or nomination, the staff will approve the person by voice vote at a brief meeting known as for that function. If there may be multiple volunteer or nomination, a secret paper ballot might be used to elect the consultant.

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Elected representatives will serve for one year earlier than being re-elected or replaced.

If there is a vacancy then an election might be held before the subsequent scheduled meeting to fill the balance of the time period. In addition to the employee-elected representatives, management will designate not extra than three representatives but a minimum of one who will serve till changed by administration. A chairperson might be selected by majority vote of the committee members annually. If there’s a vacancy, the same methodology shall be used to decide out a alternative.

In addition to the committee duties explained above, duties of safety committee members embrace:

A monthly self-inspection of the world they symbolize Communicating with the employees they characterize on issues of safety and Encouraging safe work practices amongst co-workers. The regularly scheduled meeting time is 7:30 am for one hour on the primary Thursday of each month, at the employee lunchroom. This may be changed by vote of the committee. A committee member shall be designated every month to keep minutes on the attached minutes kind.

A copy will be posted on the employee bulletin board after each meeting. After being posted for one month, the minutes shall be filed for one yr.

The minutes form contains the essential monthly meeting agenda. (Customize by including any further security committee info that you may have and/or deleting any that don’t apply to your organization. ) Employee Safety Meetings (Optional for employers with 10 or fewer workers or employers with eleven workers or more who are segregated on completely different shifts or work in extensively dispersed areas in crews of 10 or less) All employees are required to attend a month-to-month security meeting held on the primary Thursday of each month within the lunchroom.

This meeting is to help establish security issues, develop solutions, evaluate incidents stories, present training and consider the effectiveness of our security program. Minutes will be saved on the attached minutes kind. Meeting minutes might be saved on file for one 12 months. (Customize by adding any further Employee Safety Meeting information that you might have and/or deleting any that don’t apply to your organization. ) Hazard Recognition Record Keeping and Review Employees are required to report any injury or work related illness to their quick supervisor no matter how serious.