Achilles vs Hector

In the story the Iliad, there are two major characters Achilles and Hector, who both are unimaginable warriors. Achilles is the leader of the Myrmidon soldiers, and he fights for the Greeks. Hector is the son of Kind Priam and he fights for the Trojans. Both of these characters are stated to be the strongest and best warriors of every of their armies. Both Achilles and Hector have many alternative heroic characteristics which would possibly be the same and that are very various.

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Achilles and Hector each share an analogous glory of warfare and that love is a driving drive and both of them have completely different views that set them aside that are navy glory over family life and each of their general hero traits which differ considerably.

The variations between Achilles and Hector are very unique within the since that Achilles is principally the precise opposite of Hector. Hector believes that family comes first, after each battle he’ll come home and spend time with his spouse and kids as a substitute of getting congratulated by his folks.

Achilles only cares about gaining glory that will final eternally, since he is aware of that he’ll stay a brief life by persevering with with his actions. But he lastly chooses to reside a short life in order that his name will be remembered endlessly. When Achilles loses Briseis, he chooses not to battle with the Greeks even though this struggle is extremely important to his people of Phthia and Greece. Achilles exhibits completely no support for Greece and doesn’t care about whether or not they win this warfare or not.

Achilles begins to behave very immature in the since that his fellow Greeks are dying and his troopers around him want to battle but he chooses not to battle. When Petroclus dies, Achilles is full of absolute rage wanting retaliation for losing him. Achilles goes to Troy to struggle Hector, and not only does Achilles kill Hector but he defiles and insults all of Troy by taking Hectors physique and dragging his body back with him and leaving it to rot on the seaside. Achilles is a very egoistic conceited person who is simply involved with things that may profit him and by killing Hector the method in which he did reveals absolute disrespect. Achilles says to Hector earlier than he dies, “My fury would drive me now to hack your flesh away and eat you raw-such agonies you’ve triggered me” (409-411). This proves that Achilles was so mad that he believed the one way to kill him was the way he did.

Furthermore, the similarities between Achilles and Hector are their strength and the truth that both of them are incredible warriors. Achilles is half god and half human which give him his extraordinary strength. Both of them possess a bravery that solely exists in true heroes. Achilles and Hector are pure born leaders who all of their soldiers would happily finish their life to save heaps of their leaders. Hector has an inconceivable amount of love for his country. He is willing to finish his life to save tons of the folks of Troy. Hector knows that this struggle was began by his youthful brother Paris’ juvenile determination to take Helen from Agamenmon. But instead of scolding his brother, Hector encourages him to fight for his nation and his new wife. Hector says to Paris, “Look, your people dying around the metropolis, the steep walls, dying in arms-and all for you” (251-253). Hector loves Paris as a end result of he is his brother and desires to help him let their folks know that their prince is willing to battle with them.

Throughout the Illiad each Achilles and Hector present that they’re each pure born leaders and warriors. They each consider that glory in struggle and love is a driving drive. Also each Achilles and Hector have many variations but largely are proven in the reality that army glory is more essential to Achilles than Hector’s sturdy family life.