Acid and bases on tensile power of fibre

“Acid & Bases on Tensile Strength of Strength of Fibres” being submitted to is an original piece of labor carried out by me and has not been printed or submitted elsewhere for some other degree in full or in part. (Signature)Project Report on Effects of Acids & Bases on the Tensile Strength of FibresObjectives”Project Report Effects of Acids & Bases on the Tensile Strength of Fibres”The goal and objective of this project is to(i) Compare the tensile energy of given samples of nylon and cotton fibres.

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(ii) To examine the Effect of Acids and Alkalies on the tensile power of these fibres.IntroductionDepending upon the sources, the assorted forms of fibres may be classified into the following three main classes :(i) Animal fibres e.g. Wool & Silk. (ii) Vegetable Fibres e.g. Cotton & Linen. (iii) Synthetic Fibres e.g. Nylon & Polyester.

Besides their chemical composition and properties, most necessary property of these fibres is their tensile energy.

Tensile energy imply the extent to which a fibre can be stretched with out breaking and it’s measured when it comes to minimal weight required to interrupt the fibre. To decide the tensile strength of any fibre, it’s tied to a hook at one finish and weighted are slowly added to the other finish until the fibre break.