Actions to Prevent Climate Change

The rise in climate change awareness has affected the international political local weather. More states have adopted the climate-related coverage as a prevention step and the state leaders attended the annual local weather change summit, the non-state actor aimed extra immediately into the society to lift awareness.

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The interconnected world additionally makes it possible for individuals from different countries to influence each other to take action to forestall climate change getting worse to the extent that irreversible climate change happens and life on earth might vanish.

The connection between state and non-state actors in local weather change is the non-state actor influenced individuals to remember about climate and surroundings issues. Then the individuals are going to push their authorities to take motion and make policy in path of climate change.

One of the examples is Greta Thurnberg, a twelve 12 months old girl from Sweden who has efficiently influenced many individuals from all around the world from her speech at the United Nations. Her action has impressed people from all around the globe to carry a protest and influenced the policymaker to do one thing about local weather change.

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