Adaptation of W.S. Maugham’s novel The painted veil

Shortly after meeting earnest, socially awkward bacteriologist Walter Fane at a party, vivacious, vain, and vacuous London socialite Kitty Garstin enters right into a loveless marriage with him on the urging of her domineering mom. Following a honeymoon in Venice, the couple go to Shanghai, the place the doctor is stationed in a government lab finding out infectious diseases. Kitty meets Charles Townsend, a married British vice consul, and the two interact in a clandestine affair. When Walter discovers his wife’s infidelity, he seeks to punish her by threatening to divorce her on the grounds of adultery if she doesn’t accompany him to a small village in a distant area of China, where he has volunteered to treat victims of an unchecked cholera epidemic sweeping by way of the area.

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Kitty begs to be allowed to divorce him quietly and he agrees, offered Townsend will leave his spouse Dorothy and marry her. When she proposes this chance to her lover, he declines to just accept, and he or she is compelled to journey to the mountainous inland area along with her husband.

They embark upon an arduous, two-week-long overland journey that would be considerably quicker and much easier if they traveled by river, Upon their arrival in Mei-tan-fu, she is distressed to find they are going to be residing in close to squalor, far removed from everybody besides their cheerful neighbor Waddington, a British deputy commissioner dwelling with a younger Chinese lady in relative opulence.

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Walter and Kitty barely communicate to one another and, apart from a prepare dinner and a Chinese soldier assigned to guard her, she is alone for lengthy hours.

After visiting an orphanage run by a bunch of French nuns, Kitty volunteers her providers, and she or he is assigned to work in the music room. She is shocked to learn from the Mother Superior that her husband loves kids, and in this setting she begins to see him in a model new light as she learns what a selfless and caring person he could be. When he sees her with the kids, he in turn realizes she isn’t the shallow, selfish person he thought her to be. As Walter’s anger and Kitty’s unhappiness subside, their marriage begins to blossom.

She soon learns she is pregnant, but is unsure who the daddy is. Walter – in love with Kitty again – assures her it doesn’t matter. Just as the local cholera downside is coming under management, ailing refugees from elsewhere pour into the realm, forcing Walter to arrange a camp outdoors city. He contracts the disease and Kitty nurses him, however he dies, devastating her. Five years later, whereas purchasing along with her young son Walter in London, Kitty meets Townsend by chance on the road. He suggests the 2 get together and asks younger Walter his age, realising from the reply that he could be Walter’s father. Kitty, nonetheless, rejects his overtures and walks away. When her son asks who Townsend is, she replies “No one important”.

Awards and honors

Composer Alexandre Desplat won the 2006 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score Desplat additionally won an award for Best Original Score from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for both The Painted Veil and The Queen (2006). Edward Norton was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Male Lead but misplaced to Ryan Gosling in Half Nelson. The San Diego Film Critics Society honored him for his work on this and The Illusionist and Down within the Valley. The London Film Critics’ Circle nominated Toby Jones Best British Supporting Actor of the Year.

***Questions for dialogue:

1. Give the outline of the main heroin Kitty paying consideration to her inside modifications through the story movie. Kitty Fane is a beautiful young girl. Kitty is charming and socially adept, however vacuous. She is vivacious, vain, spoiled and selfish. She doesn’t love her husband Walter, she considers him a boring, uncheerful, too severe and unthoughtful man. With him Kitty is unhappy. But in the course of the film we will see how the principle heroin adjustments. She learns from the Mother Superior that her husband loves children. And she begins to see him in a brand new light. She learns, that other folks in Mei-tan-fu think about him a selfless and caring particular person. He is very sort. He is dedicated to his work. He takes an excellent care of his sufferers. And Kitty understands, that she didn’t notice the great qualities of his husband. Kitty learns to respect her husband. She falls in love together with her husband. She is selfish no more. She may be very attentive to her husband, as a result of she understands, that she has made a mistake. She takes care of orphans and she or he likes it. Kitty loves her husband and is happy now.

2. Express your perspective to Walter’s reaction. (to treachery) Was it quite ordinary or was it a bit unexpectedly? Why did he favor to behave on this very way? Such a reaction is unusual and surprising. Perhaps he prefers to behave in this method, as a result of he needs to point out Kitty, that he is no idiot. He needs to teach her a lesson. He desires she removes her selfishness and vanity. He wants she answer for her mistakes.

3. And what are you able to say about Charles Townsend? Is it typical of males to behave in such a means once they really feel that something threatens their life or carrier? Are men such cowards indeed? I suppose that it’s typical of many men to behave in such a method when they feel that one thing threatens their life or provider. They don’t wish to be liable for their acts. Charles Townsend likes to have an excellent time with a wonderful girl. But when Kitty says him, that she loves him und desires to be married, he is very scared of this.

Because it may possibly spoil his carrier. I suppose there a lot of such males in our world. And there are very few men, which would possibly be liable for their acts and behave in an correct method. That’s why Maugham reveals us a typical character. 4. How can you interpret the title of the novel film? What did Maugham want to inform us using this title? (Разрисованная вуаль, Узорный покров). At a marriage, a veil is usually white, representing the innocence of the individual carrying it. White is pure and has not but been violated. In the film the veil is painted, which signifies that it is not an harmless veil the characters are wearing. Maugham used this idea to show how all of society and the individuals dwelling in it are tainted.

5. The finish of the story appears to be somewhat vivid & emotional. The meeting of two old acquaintances is quite cold stuffed with contempt a minimal of from Kitty’s path. What are your emotions? Do you are feeling sorry for Charles or do you despise him as Kitty? Explain.

The end of the movie is very emotional, however I don’t feel sorry for Charles. I feel contempt to him as Kitty. And he has solely himself accountable for this. He was frightened to marry her. He didn’t need to marry her. He was afraid to spoil his career. He left her and didn’t consider her all these years. He behaved as a coward. And he deserves such an attitude.