Addiction and Al-anon Meeting

Just just like the AA meeting, I felt very uncomfortable with attending an Al-Anon assembly. I really have been lucky enough where no one near me has ever been addicted to alcohol. I wasn’t sure how nicely I would be succesful of relate to the members of this assembly. I was very nervous walking in the assembly and I felt misplaced. One thing that brought me reduction was the smiling faces and joyful dialog I encountered as I entered the room.

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These people appeared like they had been trying to make the best out of the scenario that their family members put them in.

There was lots of chatter in the room. People were talking about their previous week and customary ground between each other. The environment of the room wasn’t as gloomy as once I attended the AA assembly. The individuals who have been chatting essentially the most looked like they could attend the Al-anon meetings often. The room I walked in seemed like a lunch room with chairs and tables arrange.

The assembly started with a Serenity Prayer, which was just like how my AA meeting began. Once again, like my AA meeting, it was explained to everybody that this was an Open meeting and no one was required to talk.

The story that stood out probably the most to me was the story that got here from the person within the blue jacket. This man seemed to be about 26 years old. He advised the story about how his father is an alcoholic and the way he has been spending extra time with him during his free time to try and keep his father’s mind off of alcohol.

He stated he would do anything to help his father beat this addiction. I can relate to this story because I to have a member of the family who’s dependancy eat her life. Just like the person within the blue jacket, I to would do something to help my member of the family beat this habit.

No one actually reacted to his story apart from the chief of the assembly. The chief mentioned some words to the person. There was another member of the group who started talking about her struggles in relation to the person within the blue jacket’s story. All of the individuals attending this meeting are there as a outcome of someone they love needs assist preventing an addiction. From the tales I heard, these addictions are affecting everyone’s day by day life, not simply the particular person addicted. From my own personal experience with addiction, I am always nervous about my family member.

My family member has a gambling addiction, so she must never have the power to have cash. This is a every day wrestle for me as a end result of I take care of all her funds, so she doesn’t have any temptation. The people in this assembly were attempting to assist their family members in the same method, by attempting to restrict the temptation of drinking alcohol or doing medicine. I suppose the most important distinction with the Al-anon assembly versus the AA meeting is that the individuals attending the Al-anon assembly have been all there voluntarily.

When I attended the AA meeting you would undoubtedly tell that there was some court ordered members. Everyone at the Al-anon meeting was more than prepared to share their struggles and triumphs with everyone within the room, the place as in the AA assembly only one or two individuals shared their tales. Overall, It suppose these meetings are a fantastic source for people dealing with dependancy, for everyone needs to be able to share their experiences to be capable of raise them off their shoulders.

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