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Why doesn’t the system drive (C:) appear on the Select where you want to save your backup page?You cannot backup on the same partition where the system is, Windows backup tool does not allow this. If a virus infection or software failure occurs you would have to reformat your drive, it would be illogical for this tool to allow you to back up on the system partition. As we already know partitions are separate drives you cannot back up on the same drive it defeats the purpose of backing up. If that drive is erased so is the back up.

Why does a warning appear when you select the System Backup (K:) drive, informing you that the K: drive is on the same physical

disk as your system drive? The K: Drive is on the same internal harddisk if the Harddisk fails the backup is lost also. That is why it is important that OM image is backed up externally in case of hard disk failure. If windows becomes corrupt on the system partition you can use the OM image that was partitioned to recover it. That is the one instance that image is viable.

Why doesn’t the Windows folder appear under the Local Disk (C:) drive? Simply because the file and folder backup capability in the Windows backup cannot back up system and application files. To protect the entire system drive, you must perform a system image backup

What is the size of the backup, as indicated on the Backup
and Restore control panel?309.22 MB

How does the time required for this backup compare with that for the same job the first time you ran it? I believe it was slightly faster however I was reading during the time of the first backup.

How many Backup Files folders are there beneath the Backup
Set folder? 3 backup files folder and 1 Catalogs folder

What is the size of the folder?308MB size on disk 308BM
Why is the second Backup Files folder so much smaller than the first one? Because it only backed up the changes I made since the last backup. Incremental backups is a type of job that only backs up the files that have changed since the last backup was performed.

How many options are there to choose from in the Restore
Files dialog box? 3

How many results appear in the Search for files to restore
dialog box and from which backup jobs are they? 1

From which of the three backups you performed is the
Newfile.txt file going to be restored? The most recent

Performing a single backup job provides only limited protection against hardware failure. To fully protect your data, you must back up regularly, and Windows 7 enables you to schedule backup jobs to run at specified intervals. To complete this challenge, you must create a job that backs up your workstation’s entire system (C:) drive to the X: drive every Friday at 11:00 PM. Write out the procedure for creating the job and take a screen shot of the Review your backup settings page by pressing Alt+Prt Scr, and then paste the resulting image into the Lab15_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing Ctrl+V. Using Disk management I used the unallocated space to create a 4th logical partition. In back up and restore window I changed the settings where I wanted to backup to the newly created X: partition. Then I clicked change schedule and changed the settings.

To use BranchCache, you must configure the appropriate Group Policy settings on both the host servers and the branch office computers. To complete this challenge, you must create three Group Policy objects called BranchCache Content Servers,

BranchCache Hosted Cache Servers, and BranchCache Clients, and configure each GPO with the settings needed to create a BranchCache implementation that uses your classroom server (RWDC01) as a hosted cache server. Write out the procedure for creating the GPOs and take screen shots of the three GPOs in the Group Policy Management Editor console by pressing Alt+Prt Scr, and then paste the resulting image into the Lab15_worksheet file in the page provided by pressing Ctrl+V. Under Group Policy Management I opened domains contoso and expanded Group Policy Object then created the 3 Policies by right clicking and clicking NEW. I then Right clicked the new Policies and went in Computer configuration/policies/Admin Templates/Network. For the Content Server Policies I when in LANMAN SERVER and enabled the HASH policy. For the other two I went to BranchCache and enabled Hosted BranchCache and BranchCache mode and set the server location at \\RWDC01

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