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In computing there are languages that the commands with each language. This paragraph is going to give commands of Cisco command which change the administrative distance of EBGP routes to the same value as IBGP routes and Cisco IOS commands to change the administrative distance of RIP to four. The commands for Cisco IOS command to EBGP routes are as follows:

IOS Cisco vs. Juniper JUNOS: The technical differences IOS usually is a monolithic operating system, which means it runs as a single operation and all processes share the same memory space. Because of the latter feature, bugs in one setup can have an impact on or corrupt other processes. In addition, if a user wishes to add features or functions to the operating system, IOS has to be disabled while a completely new version with the chosen features is loaded. JUNOS, on the other hand, was built as a modular operating system.

The kernel based on is the open source FreeBSD operating system, and processes run as modules on top of the kernel are separate out in exclusive, protected, memory space. Users thus can add features and functions to the version of JUNOS running on their systems without disabling the entire operating system a characteristic known as in-service software upgrades that also enhances uptime and availability. “The major difference is operational,” says Jeff Doyle, president of IP consultancy Jeff Doyle and Associates, who has worked with both.

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