Adolescence within the Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye

Adolescence is the period between puberty and maturity. Every teenager experience this second in life in one other way some sail via fortunately to hold on with a peaceable life the place as others are much less fortunate and find that this second is much more harder and stressful then they thought. Esther Greenwood and Holden Caulfield are one of many less lucky and have dangerous experiences through their adolescent.

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Salinger and Plath current this in their novels Catcher within the Rye and The Bell Jar.

Both novelists use first particular person narrative giving us as readers a extra private description about their story, involving us more into their lives and letting us journey with them on their pathway by way of adolescent. The tone, dictation and the use of grammar are persistently these of an adolescent particular person and categorical distinctive commentary on how they feel and what they observe everyday.

Salinger and Plath present the different components of adolescence that youngsters experience such as depression, grief, pressure, sexuality and so on through their characters Holden and Esther.

Throughout adolescence youngsters experience quite a lot of pressures from their household, pals and even the society. Holden and Esther each come from sufficient families who introduced them up properly although this can also imply residing up to their expectations.

Esther lives as much as totally different expectations than Holden. Esther’s background was less promising than others, her mom couldn’t present her with a great training it was down the Esther to work really onerous at learning to gain scholarships she locations huge stress on herself to achieve these goals that she doesn’t know anything “ I had been inadequate all alongside, I merely hadn’t considered it.

The one thing I was good at was successful scholarships. Esther can appreciate and perceive the value of cash she thinks about this when she sits on the ‘ladies day’ dinner “Grandma at all times cooked economic system joints, the minute you lifted the forkful to your mouth, ‘I hope you get pleasure from that, it value forty-one cents. ” She realises that if she didn’t have her scholarships she wouldn’t be given all of these privileges and possibilities this is what separates her from the remainder of the women Esther has to check actually to outlive and she or he doesn’t have the luxurious just like the rich women to enjoy the freedom and miss some lessons.

Where as Holden Caulfield’s mother and father are wealthy and he can take the benefit of flunking out because they will just place him in another faculty, he has strain from his mother and father to do nicely in Pencey excessive that’s why he cant face to inform them that he received kicked out “They’ll be fairly irritated about it, they actually will. This is concerning the fourth college I’ve gone to. ” Pressures of virginity are expressed in each novels. Esther and Holden are self conscious about dropping their virginity and feel they want to sleep with somebody and achieve expertise. Read about Holden and Phoebe relationship

Holden behaves bold around girls and feedback so much in regards to the ladies who he has ‘necked’ up to now and those that he almost slept with however quickly confesses later in the novel “If you want to know the reality, I’m a virgin. I really am. ” When Holden is with a woman he likes to imagine that the girl he’s ‘necking’ is clever however really he just ends up with ladies he doesn’t even like “I was going to stop horsing round with women that, deep down, gave me a ache within the ass. It exhibits that Holden finds it exhausting to seek a girl he actually likes intimately and feels the pressure of getting intercourse with someone “Sex is something I really don’t perceive too scorching. ” This could be the rationale why he doesn’t wish to be too shut with anyone due to his fear of intercourse and the dearth of expertise. Although he does imagine that intercourse ought to occur between two individuals who clearly love each other, Holden obsesses about sex being a significant level in his life that his first proper sexual encounter is with a prostitute named Sunny.

Holden claims that sex can be loving between couples however his first encounter lacks passion and intimacy and he even feels extra depressed then he does sexy and he even admits that he wanted to use this experience to gain practice for his spouse and that he wouldn’t mind being good at that ‘stuff’. Again presenting the pressure he feels turning into a man and a husband who will have the power to ship sexual pleasure to his wife.

The strain of virginity from a male perspective is extra embarrassing as a result of men have a selection to remain pure or not before marriage and nearly all of Holden’s pals have misplaced their virginity and brag about their experiences to Holden, this gains more pressure for Holden who would possibly really feel he needs to loose his virginity so he isn’t the minority among his associates. Esther feels that her virginity is holding her down like a ‘millstone’ and she needs to release it to become lighter “I noticed the world divided into people who had slept with anyone and people who hadn’t”.

It exhibits that she feels pressure from the society to free her virginity as a result of women are anticipated to stay pure until their marriage ceremony night time; Esther needs to rebel against this concept after she learns that Buddy has slept with someone in the summertime. She finds that virginity is impractical as a outcome of even someone like Buddy who portrays himself as angelic is not a virgin and Esther doesn’t except double sexual normal for women and men “ I couldn’t stand the concept of a girl having to have a single pure life and a person with the flexibility to have a double life, one pure and one not” she desires to subvert towards this social expectation.

Esther additionally needs to unfastened her virginity in order that she may be even with Buddy who offered himself as innocent and this irritated Esther. Esther hears that women could be divided into two groups when it comes to sex: whores and virgins Eric believes that intercourse reduces ladies to animals and that nice ladies ought to remain harmless Esther rejects this idea, she believes that she can have intercourse and never turn into a dirty animal and remain her dignity.

Esther obsesses about losing her virginity and wanting it to be with someone who may be very clever. Esther believes that when the event actually occurs she shall be reworked “I thought a spectacular change would come over me the day I crossed the boundary line. ” Finally the second she’d been waiting for had include a man named Irwin who she met in Cambridge though it wasn’t what she had anticipated “Waiting for the miraculous change to make itself felt. But all I felt was a sharp, startlingly bad pain. The evening didn’t fulfil any intimacy or ardour this mirrors with Holden’s near first encounter with Sunny. For a moment Esther didn’t even think that it happened as a result of Irwin just received up and had a bathe she solely found out when she felt blood dripping down her leg. It in all probability didn’t even live as a lot as her expectations but she was simply relived that she was rid of it. “I couldn’t possibly be a virgin anymore. I smiled into the dark. ” Esther’s causes for wanting to free her virginity are fully completely different from Holden’s.

Esther wants unfastened her virginity as a outcome of social expectations and can achieve being totally different from the other women who select to stay pure while the men are allowed to have the choice, so shedding her virginity will make her the identical as Buddy Willard. There are many pressures anticipated from the society on the role of ladies within the Fifties. The society expect girls who’re going by way of adolescent to be cheerful, energetic and flexible however what Esther experiences is complete opposite to the stereotypical woman she feels darkness, melancholy and a cynical attitude which she feels she must repress.

Once women reached the tip of adolescent they were expected to turn out to be center class ladies who have been well educated and discover an intriguing husband and turn into a loving spouse to them nurturing all their needs. As Mrs Willard describes, “What a person is, is an arrow into the future and what a girl is, she is the place the arrow shoots from. ” This imagery is one thing that Esther hasn’t planned for these responsibilities she has been aiming to become a author and hasn’t thought of nurturing for her husband as well.

Esther wants to have an id of something that is totally different from being a housewife and a mum however she is aware of as a girl within the 1950’s she cannot juggle a profitable profession and raise a family. Esther carries many conflicting persona along with her: obligated daughter Vs ungrateful woman, profitable writer Vs immature pupil and virginal girlfriend Vs expert lover. Plath presents Esther as a confused adolescent lady who doesn’t know which pathway to take this is introduced one of the best in the image of the fig tree she sees growing in entrance of her.

Every department has a fig growing on the top, one fig is of her and her husband having a family one other is her changing into a well-known poet another fig confirmed totally different continents similar to Europe and Africa one other fig proven was names of lovers of males she would have dated corresponding to Constantin and Attila but the figs grew additional and additional away “ I saw myself sitting in the crotch of this fig-tree, starving to death, just because I couldn’t make up my mind which of the figs I would choose. I needed each and every considered one of them, but choosing one meant dropping the rest. Esther obviously feels the strain from the society to make a decision on which pathway to choose as a lady and this does play an element in her ever-growing path to insanity. There are also different pressures Holden is expected from his society as a male.

Although I feel that these pressures are not as demanding as Esther’s because men are the individuals who women nurture for and sacrafice their ambition to lift their household the place as males like Holden have the pressure to work exhausting and bring the cash house for his household. Esther could have stress o be the ideal girl to her husband but Holden also feels stress about his masculinity; he has the stress to turn out to be a responsible man however he even finds this task hard to realize; firstly of the e-book he tells how he left the entire fencing equipment on the practice and the way he spends all his money drinking and having hardly any left to survive on and has to borrow some from his little sister he even plans a visit away without thinking realistically, he believes he can live in the woods alone for the the rest of his life.

Another pressure he feels is how masculine he really is. When walking again to his resort from Ernie’s he admits, “I’m certainly one of these very yellow guys. I strive to not show it, but I am. ” He thinks about these gloves that have been stolen at Pencey and imagines a whole confrontation with the unknown thief yet he admits he wouldn’t of accomplished something and that he’s a coward at heart and all he would of carried out is just stand there and say nothing Holden is afraid of confrontation and violence and feels that this concern and lack of aggression has prevented him from sleeping with any girl.

Holden feels that girls need a man who can assert power and have management, which he feels he doesn’t have. The pressure of society from a feminine perspective is extra advanced than a males because Esther has trouble deciding which path to take whether it be career or household they do not appear to be really allowed to take each so it means giving up one for the other however society would like all ladies to just stay at house to lift a household stripping the ladies of their identification whereas from a male’s perspective they will have each a career and a household life there could be additionally more give attention to masculinity and changing into a accountable husband.

These calls for trigger Holden to become very depressed as a outcome of he realises that he doesn’t have many of those traits and Salinger presents Holden as struggling to relate with the realities of the world. Teenagers type differing types relationships throughout adolescence let it be love, friendship, hatred or experiencing homosexuality. Salinger presents Holden being very shut with his little sister Phoebe “You should see her. You never noticed slightly kid so pretty and sensible in your whole life. Phoebe is six years youthful than Holden but she behaves rather more older than him he even calls her ‘old phoebe’ he seems up to her as a clever responsible determine. Phoebe doesn’t sympathise or really feel sorry for Holden as a outcome of she feels that his angle towards rising up and becoming a ‘phoney’ like the other adults is a stupid perspective and Phoebe feels that rising up is a standard course of that each one youngsters go through. Holden’s childish stubbornness against his little sister seems foolish.

Salinger presents Phoebe as consolation and a guide for the readers, she knows another side to Holden that we haven’t seen as readers allowing us to trust her judgements made about Holden. When Holden is at his lowest broke, no where to go and freezing by the pond pondering he was going to die of pneumonia the considered Phoebe came into his mind thinking how she would miss him if he died there that evening however I imagine that he needed a purpose to not die and be alone and the one individual to prevent him from this was Phoebe.

Phoebe is one of some folks to get via to Holden, making him realise that he isn’t going wherever and that he appears at everything with a cynical angle claiming that he doesn’t like something. When Holden finally decides to depart Phoebe begs to go along with him at first readers could imagine that it was as a end result of Phoebe needed Holden but I think that Salinger has offered it as Phoebe understanding that Holden is an unhappy and insecure man and that she feels he needs her greater than ever she has a clearer perspective on the situation than he does.

The considered Holden going away and not letting her go makes her even more indignant Holden realises that his plans to go away have actually affected someone and in a foul way so he decides to remain – his first signal of maturity thinking about somebody else’s feelings over his own for the primary time he has opened up and is concerned about Phoebe. While watching the carousal it begins to rain “Then what she did – it damn near killed me – she reached in my coat pocket and took out my pink looking hat and put it on my head. This is the first mutual giving relationship Holden has experienced in an extended whereas, Holden being good to Phoebe and deciding not to go she repays him together with her forgiveness and a sort gesture. All Holden experienced up to now was folks wanting him for their own purposes corresponding to Stradlater using him to put in writing his English essay which Holden gain nothing in return. He experiences his first emotions of happiness in a very long time when watching Phoebe take pleasure in a childhood act by riding the carousal.

His relationship of trust and friendship together with his sister Phoebe allows him someone who he can flip to being himself and never maintain again his emotions and Phoebe listens to all that Holden says and helps him when he is at his lowest and needs her probably the most with out realising it. This mirrors with Esther’s trusted relationship with Dr. Nolan her female psychiatrist Esther sees a mother figure in her. Esther tells Dr. Nolan that she is afraid of electrical shocks and Dr. Nolan promised she would warn her earlier than they occur and when she fails to do so Esther is angrier at the thought that Dr. Nolan has betrayed her quite than the shocks. I liked Dr. Nolan, I beloved her, I had given her my belief on a platter and informed her everything. ” Dr. Nolan explains her actions and hugs Esther like a ‘mother’ Esther forgives her and understands her causes. Dr. Nolan is the first person Esther has claimed to love and is the primary particular person she trusts completely together with her life. This represents her therapeutic progress that she is prepared to confide in someone and forms a loving relationship. Esther can speak to Dr. Nolan about anything even her feeling of women in their society and the sentiments of strain she feels that she should conform to such as pregnancy.

Dr. Nolan helps Esther by suggesting to have a diaphragm if she just isn’t prepared to begin out a household where as Esther personal mom sends her an article about why girls ought to only sleep with their husbands after which solely afterwards and that a man’s world and a woman’s world are utterly completely different and are solely brought collectively via marriage Dr. Nolan responds to this article as “propaganda”. Dr. Nolan performs a surrogate mom in direction of Esther and their relationship helps Esther recuperate like Holden with Phoebe.

This relationship proves to Esther that there are people out in the society who you can belief and perceive your views even if they are totally different to all people else’s and this helps Esther recuperate from her sickness. Salinger presents character apart from Phoebe who Holden mentions constantly throughout the novel and this is Jane Gallagher the primary girl Holden felt linked with, though we never hear from her immediately we are constantly reminded about her by way of Holden. He idolizies her and presents her to us as angelic and that she was good at every thing “She was terrific to hold palms with.

Most ladies should you maintain hands with them, their god dam hand dies on them. ” He additionally claims that he was happiest when he was along with her as a result of he knew her so properly and felt snug to be himself. We are first introduced to Jane when Holden hears that Stradlater has a date along with her this angers Holden because he is aware of that Stradlater solely uses girls for one factor and he finds that Jane is just too innocent for that. Having fixed nostalgic thoughts about Jane praising her “You never even apprehensive, with Jane, whether or not your hand was sweaty or not. All you knew was, you were joyful.

You really were”. Salinger lets us gain an insight of the companionship that Holden wishes, the reminiscences are very touching and he describes a deep emotional connection he felt and that their moments together were on a private stage not consisting any of the ‘phoniness’ that he attaches to different companions similar to Sally Hayes. Holden can’t discover anybody to speak to about his situation and this mirrors with Jane’s childhood when she refused to speak to Holden about it. He is desperately looking out for a similar connection he skilled with Jane.

Holden makes use of his isolation as a way of detachment from other people; every time he goes to name Jane he dismisses the concept right away once more for the same purpose to be indifferent from everyone else to be different or it could possibly be that he’s afraid to ruin the proper image he has of their relationship already. Holden is very protecting over Jane when Stradlater mentions about her in a sexual method Holden reacts nearly instantly in her defence “I tried to sock him, with all my would possibly, proper smack within the toothbrush, so it would split his god dam throat open”.

Another instance that Salinger makes use of to show how much Holden thought of his friendship with Jane is by showing her Allie’s mitt, she was the only individual out of the household to have seen it so it exhibits that Holden trusted her immensely and may share every thing together with her as a end result of the Allie’s mitt is like treasure to Holden. This relationship contrasts sharply with Esther’s relationship with Buddy Willard who she sees as less angelic as he portrayed to be. Esther believes that Buddy is a hypocrite because he presented himself to her as virginal and innocent “Finally Buddy stepped again. Wow! ’ he mentioned. It makes me feel terrific to kiss you. ” She then finds out that he has been sleeping with some woman for the entire summer time and he doesn’t even apologise for his behaviour. Buddy is living a sexual double standard which Esther objects against fully he finds it okay for himself to sleep with somebody whereas he is with Esther but he expects her to stay pure for him on their wedding night.

Plath reveals that Buddy doesn’t affiliate Esther with passionate intercourse or love but only sees her as domestically becoming his spouse nd a mother to his youngsters who also esteems him and helps anything he chooses to do. From a societies point of view Buddy is seen as the perfect match for Esther he’s athletic, rich, handsome and aiming to be a well being care provider Esther saw all these traits when she was in school and she or he was given slightly stress to discover a boyfriend by all her dorm women who thought she was a loser to remain in on Saturday night studying but they didn’t realise that she had to maintain her scholarships.

When Buddy did lastly ask her out all the ladies modified their attitude in course of her “When she heard I was going to Yale junior promenade she handled me with amazement and respect. ” Esther did suppose he was good till she saw the actual man inside not like Holden who might share something with Jane, Esther tried sharing her interest of poetry with Buddy but all he could say about it was how it was like a ‘piece of dust’ he patronises her ambition and is proud along with his comment.

When Buddy asks Esther if she would like to see him bare he removes his garments in such a medical means that it lacks complete ardour and ends up being a duty and when confessing about dishonest he use no regret of guilt or an apology. Plath reveals that Buddy’s vision of Esther is only of a spouse and mother they don’t have the non-public intimate connection like Holden describes when he’s with Jane. Buddy is every little thing a woman ought to need in the 1950’s but Esther clearly doesn’t see this, she hasn’t since their first kiss “It had been a dry, uninspiring little kiss. Another relationship Holden and Esther discover is a gay/lesbian relationship thy feel stress from the society about exploring their sexuality. Holden reveals indicators of being a homophobic, like a lot of the other adolescent boys Holden is discovering his sexuality and is uncomfortable with the thought of sexuality particularly the considered homosexuality and worrying of turning into one. He reacts immediately to Mr Antolini’s gesture by storming out once more this could be as a outcome of pressures of sexuality and his nervous homophobic emotions he expressed around Carl Luce earlier that night time could of made him all confused. Read gay marriage speech

Although Salinger might of offered Antolini’s gesture as a sign of affection for a misplaced boy in ache. Holden as he handles all ambiguous conditions doesn’t make any compromises and appears at every little thing from a cynical point of view and makes harsh judgements. Although he does remorse his actions “Maybe I was mistaken about considering he was making a flitty pass at me. ” He feels unhealthy about his judgement as a end result of Mr. Antolini took him in late at evening and gave him some advice so it doesn’t matter if he is homosexual as a outcome of he was good to Holden so he cant simply dismiss him off as a ‘flit’.

Exploring sexuality, can additionally be experienced by Esther when Joan comes on to her at the clinic but Esther is assured about her sexuality and is conscious of what she needs however doesn’t over react like Holden and panic by her gesture she is simply honest to Joan “That’s robust, Joan. Because I don’t such as you. ” Holden may of reacted extra excessive than Esther because he may feel stress from his associates about sexuality as they all mock homosexuals as flits so might he feel extra stress from his associates.

Holden’s experience was more direct than Esther because he was woken up by being stroked which can of startled him as properly the place as Esther was simply told she favored by Joan and he or she wasn’t near Esther permitting less emotional distance so Esther might react more calmly. Loneliness is another element of adolescence introduced by Plath and Salinger by way of Holden and Esther. At the start there’s an image of Holden standing on prime of a hill “ You could hear all of them yelling, deep and terrific on the Pencey aspect, because virtually the whole faculty besides me was there. Salinger presents Holden’s individuality by not caring a couple of soccer recreation that the whole college was getting stressed over also not eager to be down with a bunch of ‘phoney’ individuals it gives the readers an idea about Holden’s personality already wanting to be different from different people and use it to hide from the society to guard himself as a result of he doesn’t like to create private interactions; Salinger presents this through the use of the red hunting hat, it is a devoted imagery of Holden exhibiting his uniqueness and individuality.

The hat is from someplace totally different representing his want to be an unique individual. He likes to put on it for a protective device; it keeps him heat and provides him comfort. He claims not to care what individuals suppose when he places it on, but even on the hill with the freezing temperature and on the means in which to Spencer’s home moaning that it was freezing but he doesn’t placed on his hunting hat on then, he waits till he is alone within the room or surrounded by individuals he knows to put the hat on.

Although when he needed to walk residence from Ernie’s he gave in “It was freezing cold, and I took my purple looking hat out of my pocket and put it on – I didn’t a rattling how I seemed. I even put the earflaps down. ” Although Salinger could of let Holden put it on in public because he feels alone anyway, it’s early in the morning and never many individuals could be around so he feels like he is alone. The use of the searching hat defending Holden and letting him be another person, mirrors with Esther’s loneliness in New York and the identification she hides behind.

When she meets new men she offers the name Elly Higginbottom, Esther hides behind Elly as a result of she doesn’t wish to be who she is in the meanwhile whereas with the boys, so she will be ready to overlook about being with Buddy or strain from her mum about being with Buddy and being a spouse. Salinger presents the places within the novel to parallel with Holden’s feelings of loneliness particularly when he’s strolling house alone at night “When someone laughs on the road very late at evening. You can hear it for miles.


It makes you feel lonesome and depressed” it is introduced once more when he walks alone in central park “It stored getting darker and darker and spookier and spookier. I didn’t see one individual the whole time I was within the park. ” It shows the readers how alone Holden feels and the way weak he’s compared to his surroundings. This mirrors with Esther’s image of New York and the usage of Plath’s areas parallel with Esther’s emotions “New York was bad enough. By nine in the morning the pretend, country – wet freshness that has by some means seeped in in a single day. This gives the viewers an imagery of claustrophobic and that Esther is trapped somewhere she doesn’t feel happy in; a sense of uncomfortable overpowering pressure and Plath delivers this using a pessimistic tone via Esther. Throughout the novel Holden expresses loneliness especially when he arrives late in New York and he desperately wants to call somebody, anyone. He is keen for companionship although all he does is ridicule folks he sees. His desperation is shown when he calls Faith Cavendish – somebody he hasn’t even met late at evening, which isn’t considered as normal.

Holden by no means speaks about himself directly he avoids the topic of his drawback and his loneliness he at all times focuses on the individuals round him and continuously mocks them but this could symbolize his need for a companion by specializing in other people’s relationships. Depression is an illness that just some individuals expertise however Plath and Salinger current this as an enormous issue skilled by their characters through their time of adolescent. Salinger presents Holden as quite a cynical particular person firstly of the novel and this offers readers an total view of Holden as being fairly pessimistic Salinger additionally expresses Holden’s emotional practice through his actions and speech but Holden himself doesn’t admit that he’s beneath emotional pressure directly to the readers nor does he give us much clarification for his behaviour. When he arrives in New York he hardly will get a great night sleep. He walks around the streets of New York at night time alone within the chilly or he is in a bar consuming alcohol. Holden becomes very depressed along with his environment and need he may just run away and be a mute so he wouldn’t should hassle speaking to folks and that they might go away him alone, which is what he claims to love the most effective being alone although he spends plenty of time finding a companion.

Salinger begins to indicate hints of Holden changing into extra depressed and unwell when Sally Hayes begs Holden to cease shouting at her displaying that he’s getting worse and that there’s a darker source behind his narrative, all Holden desires is companionship even when he claims to like being alone however his inability to deal with the complexities of the world are causing him to fall further down. This mirrors with Esther, who at the beginning of the novel show pessimism by describing her feelings in New York “I guess I ought to have been excited the way a lot of the different women were, but I couldn’t get myself to react.

I felt very nonetheless and really empty. ” Plath already drops hints that there’s something mistaken with Esther as a result of she grew as much as be a profession driven woman and that New York ought to enhance her probabilities but she can’t find the motivation or the proper path to decide on for a career. Esther throws all her garments away from New York representing all her bad times being erased. Plath shows that Esther is letting go of the true world when she almost let Marco rape her.

She can additionally be turning into indifferent from herself when she begins to listen to a hole voice in her head telling her not to keep with her friends from the collage yr so she ends up being alone also not being accepted for her writing course blurs her imaginative and prescient even more permitting her to become even more depressed. Plath lets Esther repress lots of her emotions and ideas that cannot be psychologically wholesome. Incidences corresponding to nearly being raped is saved to herself intensifying her emotions much more.

Being with the girls in New York kept her thoughts off many issues but being back house in the suburbs with her mom makes her feel even low and depressed. She feels this when sitting on a park bench “The eyes within the snapshot had been open, and people within the newspaper photograph had been closed. But I knew if the lifeless girl’s eyes were to be thumbed broad, they would look out at me with the same lifeless, black, vacant expression as the eyes in the snapshot. ” Comparing her to a photograph of a dead reveals that she is feeling dead and empty inside.

Esther’s sickness turns into extra extreme because the novel goes on she can’t learn or write and Plath presents an outline of how Esther feels utilizing the picture of the bell jar “Wherever I sat – on the deck of a ship or at a road cafe in Paris – I could be sitting underneath the identical glass bell jar, stewing in my very own sour air. ” This presents her illness and that she feels trapped by it. Combining the use of Holden’s behaviour and the utilization of his narrative we are ready to tell that he’s approaching/going via melancholy.

Allie died of Leukaemia when he was younger, Holden idolised him “You’d have favored him. He was two years youthful than I was, however he was about fifty occasions as intelligent. He was terrifically clever. ” Throughout the novel we learn that Allie’s death was some of the traumatic experiences of his life and doubtless performs a serious function in his psychological breakdown this can be shown by his response in the course of the information of the death “I was only thirteen, and so they have been going to have me psychoanalysed and all, as a end result of I broke all the home windows in the garage the night time he died. Holden all the time thinks about Allie and turns to him when he is depressed he has imaginary conversations with him concerning the previous, Salinger presents as a result of Holden loved Allie lots and shedding him unexpectedly makes him realise how fragile life is and how he has missed out being a giant brother to Allie so speaking allows him to not neglect Allie and that he doesn’t really feel fully alone. This contrasts with Esther who misplaced her father at a very young age but unlike Holden she represses all of her feelings by not crying or reacting terribly like Holden did over Allie.

Esther wasn’t allowed to go to the funeral and her mom hardly discusses about her husband to Esther again in distinction to Holden who talks about Allie the entire time. When Esther lastly goes to her father’s grave she can not cease herself crying, this could probably be as a outcome of her mother never talks or cries about him but just smile claiming that he would somewhat die than be a cripple. Repressing all her emotions about her father appear to be set realised when she sees her father’s grave.

When Holden is at his lowest level of despair he does think about to commit suicide “I felt like leaping out the window. I in all probability would’ve of accomplished it, too, if I’d been certain somebody’d cowl me up. ” He does contemplate with the idea but doesn’t contemplate following via with it anymore. Unlike Esther who sees the thought of suicide her only method out, she becomes obsessed with the thought since she feels that her mom and doctor have failed her expectations.

Esther wished every little thing to be gone after she had her shock treatment but it didn’t. Esther’s concepts of committing suicide are more critical than Holden’s she sees suicide as her only method out to stop her thoughts feeling trapped and so she feels she needs to shut down her physique. Esther considers killing herself in a managed method as a substitute of being wild and irrational about it. “I hunted around for a place to attach the rope. Trouble was, our home had the wrong sort of ceilings. ” Location and timing was essential.

Esther sees this as her solely exit she doesn’t want to kill herself as a outcome of she hates her body isn’t about image however her thoughts, when comparing her face to a lifeless woman she believes that she is already useless so killing her physique will mirror how she feels mentally. Although she couldn’t come to slitting her wrists “It was as if what I needed to kill wasn’t in that skin or the thin blue pulse that jumped underneath my thumb, but somewhere else, deeper, extra secret, and a whole lot tougher to get at. ”

People don’t appear to care how Holden feels other than those who are close to him corresponding to Phoebe and Jane, as long as Holden follows the social norms nobody appears to take notice how he feels but as soon as he violates these guidelines folks begin to realise that he isn’t properly and even when they see this they don’t take much discover corresponding to Sally Hayes who just criticises him for his behaviour and doesn’t trouble to help him. This mirrors with Esther’s feeling, that persons are not responding to her correctly even her personal mom who doesn’t imagine that the despair is a true illness but only a passing perversity or rebellion.

Even her personal Doctor fails to assist her by exhibiting that he wasn’t really listening to what Esther needed to say about her illness by repeating a query to Esther. Throughout the novel Esther is very direct about her depression “I haven’t slept for 14 days” but nobody chooses to listen to listen to however when she tells them “ I feel higher, I don’t wish to go to the doctors” her mum abruptly listens replying “ I knew my child wasn’t like that” Plath exhibits that people don’t need to hear something depressing or morbid except it instantly involves them but when it doesn’t they don’t wish to know they only listen to what they need to hear.

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