Adoption of latest know-how systems

Adoption of latest know-how systems

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            Health can be described as the state of bodily or emotional well-being without essentially the absence of a illness or any given illnesses. Electronic Health Record, thereby, covers a wide scope in making certain the electronic procedures by way of which the elements that lead to the well being of people are ensured. This indicates that this apply includes the incorporation of know-how similar to using computer systems to make sure its implementation.

            In this research paper, therefore, one must undertake the position of a head nurse, and carry out the programs that may guarantee the use of electronic health records system is included in a facility.

In addition, one ought to put his or her base of dialogue consistent with the Rodgers qualities that result in the adoption of latest applied sciences, especially in an organizational set up. This can, therefore, be discussed as follows:

How to strategy the present the Electronic Health Records to the nurses to win their approval

            Nurses often play a greater position in ensuring the well being care supply to the patients, who in most cases search medical consideration.

This owes to the reality that they put into consideration the patients’ points from the second they are registered to undertake treatment in a given facility. Furthermore, they are the individuals who make certain that the sufferers get correct and adequate treatment as much as when they’re discharged from the hospital.

            Therefore, a method of presenting the Electronic Health Records system to them is by critically defining the roles they’re to hold out.

These run from the registration of the sufferers, admission procedures as within the case of patients’ diseases, writing down of the nursing procedures. Other features of the nurses include drug admission, dosage and their storage, carrying out of the minor surgeries and dressing of wounds.

            As the Head Nurse in cost, I would clearly define to the nurses their roles, and how the incorporation of the new electronic well being document system would improve their daily activities within the supply of healthcare. However, despite the benefits which might be associated with the brand new technology, a quantity of cases of resistance can be noticed among the many nurses. These may be in the whereby they point out that they lack the knowledge and the skills to make use of the methods and that it may eat their time, and lead t earlier retirement and even retrenchment of their jobs.

            In such a given case, as a head nurse, I will ensure that they’ve enough coaching on the utilization of the newly adopted system, and assure them that the only time they might be retrenched or dismissed from their duties could be on attainment of the retirement age. Moreover, I will make certain that new goals and objectives are set forth with the introduction of the techniques to make sure a excessive quality health supply service. Furthermore, I would additionally present some room for negotiation so that we come up with a system that will be favorable to all.

Applications as per Rodger’s principle, within the health facility setup.

            The concept appears into the modes by way of which people can select to adapt into a new system of technology, basing on the qualities that they possess. These embrace relative advantage/the benefits, compatibility with the present practices and the values, simplicity, trialability, and the results which would possibly be noticed (the observable results).

The relative advantage

            In order to prepare the nurses for the implementation that’s upcoming, I would make positive that the system will lay several benefits that can facilitate in the enchancment of the existing one. An rationalization that could be given to that is that, initially, the storage of the health information were accomplished in a guide manner. Therefore, a lot of time can be taken to retrieve the information about the sufferers from the submitting space, thereby resulting in subsequent delays, and infectivity in the supply of health care. Moreover, the loss of the files could be simpler owing to their insufficient storage and administration.

            However, by the incorporation of the new technology, time taken to retrieve the details about the patients can be decreased due to their accessibility and environment friendly storage. This would in flip result in faster and environment friendly therapy. These would additionally be sure that they’re correctly diagnosed with the illnesses that they undergo from and reduce the excess costs incurred for example within the purchasing of their information.

Compatibility with the existing values and practices


            In the health setup, proper values must be ensured in order that the rights of the sufferers are not infringed on. These may be in line with the Nightingale Promises or laws, as in this case, for the nurses. Practices corresponding to laboratory experiments and the observational routines, for example, recording of temperature, blood strain exams, submit natal and antenatal care too must be thought-about. As a outcome, in order for the nurses to adapt to the model new systems, they should perceive how the technologies can be applied as per the values and the practices.


            In the power, a number of types of resistance could arise due to the issue of the nurses to make use of the brand new strategies as most of them could additionally be pc illiterate. Therefore, there might be want to use the simple fashions that they can be simply skilled on and understand. An instance of these may embody the data entry varieties like the use of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) principally, before getting to the extra complicated ones. Others may embrace the measurements of the temperature and pressure of the sufferers using equipment that may easily detect the variables from one affected person to the subsequent.

            TrialabilityThese may be carried out as a part of the training procedures which are given to the nurses. Therefore, they can be granted some extra time to familiarize themselves with the machines, make several trials and errors, and finally come to phrases with the correct modes of handlement.

Observable results

            In most circumstances, these shall be evident from the establishments that have successfully put in and used the techniques in place, and the progresses that they’ve made in relation to the admission of an sufficient healthcare. Thus, these can be the referral and the national hospitals from the place a variety of ailments are dealt with.

The role of nurses as change brokers in facilitating the adoption of a new technology

            Nurses aid within the adoption of the new types of expertise by ensuring digitalization within the admission of healthcare. These can be within the form of the mobile clinics that reach far and broad, within and outside the country. Moreover, it provides them a wider scope to classify illnesses based on the signs and symptoms thus they will relate to patients by way of mediums corresponding to webcam or even Skype for those who may not be capable of get to the facilities in good time.

            These can subsequently assist to cut back the prices that can be incurred as within the case of distant travels by the sufferers who’re critically unwell, for instance the aircraft ambulatory modes, and scale back extra damages that may be caused to the sufferers by way of roads. Additionally, a quantity of modes of therapy too can be sought out for by the nurses consistent with the researches that they carry out through the web, thereby bettering the lives of people.


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