Adu E-learning system

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19 October 2021

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In today’s fashionable society, computer has become a lifestyle especially by means of communication. Mostly, individuals these days have their very own web connection so they can freely use the internet. There are many websites site that focuses on facilitating the building of social networks or social relations amongst individuals who, for example, share pursuits, actions, backgrounds, or real-life connections, these web sites are sometimes we call “Social Networking-Sites”,most famous instance of this are facebook and twitter Most social network services are web-based and supply means for users to work together over the Internet.

There are sorts of social networking sites that was used for educational functions in Schools, Colleges and Universities,these are what we call “LMS(Learning Management System) or E-learning System,it allow students to study anytime and anyplace and could be additionally used in phrases communication, with the utilization of web.

Example of this was our personal Adamson University E-learning System that permits us to see the announcements, updates of our college events, lessons(updated by some of our professor), see grades online and different things.

It additionally serves us as a communication for the professors and college students or college students to students as a result of we will ship messages, we can chat in room part.professors can provide assignments and We,college students can cross assignments online. In this study, We hope that we will see the results of AdU E-learning System by method of communication with students’ and professors because these days We, researchers see and likewise skilled the usage of Also E-learning System and lots of Adamsonian students typically use it when it comes to communication functions.

Statement of the Problem:

Major Problems:

What are the consequences of Adu E-learning system in the communication of scholars and professors. Minor Problems:

1.Demographic Profile of respondents when it comes to:

  • Age
  • Course
  • Often usage of E-Leaning System
  • Time Spent in using E-Learning System

What are the consequences of Adu E-learning system within the communication of scholars and professors in terms of?

  1. Study lessons
  2. Reminders of faculty events
  3. Announcement of grades

Scopes and Limitation of the study

In general, the primary focus of this research is directed in direction of learning of results of AdU E-learning System by means of communication with students’ and professors and for Adamsonian College Students who uses E-Learning System for communication purposes.

Significance of the study

Adamson University College Students. In this examine, students can benefit lots on this study for they’ll study the effects of E-learning System by means of Communication of students’ and professors. Know the Importance of AdU E-learning System.


Researchers. The researches have developed their writing and analysis abilities wanted to make a good thesis

Definition of terms

LMS (Learning Management System)-systems that enable students to learn anytime and anyplace and may be also utilized in terms communication by method of internet.

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