Advantage Of Television

Communication Technology

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Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by talking, writing, or using some other medium. The communications revolution relies on three technologies


The history and development of communication expertise is probably one of the ever growing speed and efficiency of communication over ever greater distance and ever reducing costs. Telephone: Telephone / Mobile Phone is a system for transmitting voices over a distance using wire or radio, by changing acoustic vibrations to electrical indicators. Today we are ready to ship a message from one facet globe to another in seconds with contact of button via Mobile Phone.

Mobile phone turn out to be a video-phone, pc, digital camera, TV, Radio, message minder, MP3 Music player, newspaper map and so forth.

Television: Television is a system for converting visual images (with sound) into electrical indicators, transmitting them by radio or other means, and displaying them electronically on a display. Computer: Computer is an electronic gadget which is capable of receiving information (data) in a selected kind and of performing a sequence of operations in accordance with a predetermined but variable set of procedural instructions (program) to supply a result in the type of information or indicators.

Telephone: Receiving and Answering Call, We use phone in our Home, Office. Mobile Phone: Mobile telephone is a telephone with entry to a cellular radio system so it may be used over a large area, without a physical connection to a community. We use cell phone for Make a Call, Receive a Call, Text Messaging, Smart Phone: Smart Phone is a mobile phone that is able to carry out many of the functions of a pc, sometimes having a comparatively giant screen and an working system able to operating general-purpose purposes.

We use Smart Phone for making a Video Call, MMS, Use Internet, sending and receiving Email, use digital camera for recording. and so on. Fax: Fax is an exact copy of a doc made by electronic scanning and transmitted as information by telecommunications links.

Advantage of Telephone:

Usages: Usages of Television –
We use Television as a
Mass Media
Tele Text
Television growing speed and efficiency, ever higher distance and ever reducing value for use as Tele Tex, Mass Media and straightforward communication media between client & Customer, Government & Public. Because of Television we stand up thus far information from totally different a half of the world.

Computer Usages:
A laptop is a “Machine that performs duties, corresponding to mathematical calculations or digital communication, underneath the control of a set of instructions known as program.” (Microsoft Encarta 1998) We use computers in many ways in which we may not even realise. In business, computers use barcode and scanners to verify customers’ credit, to take a look at items at a supermarket, and examine warehouse supplies. EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) electronically moves funds within the form of wages and bills between financial institution accounts.

For Travel – Like booking Tickets, Checking Flight and so on.

Also we use computer for buying or online Shopping as Ecommerce, Or E-business – Like e-Bay, Amazon

Entertainment – We can watch any broadcast program connect Internet with Computer. Culture – Via internet we will printed information about our culture to all over the world, we are ready to meet with different national or cultural people. Such as social media web site like – Facebook

Linked In
Google plus

Everything we use our daily life has advantage and disadvantage which affect our personal life, social life and normal life.

Advantage of Telephone:
Telephone Technology has elevated dramatically over the last few years, making this issue somewhat extra difficult within the publish smartphone world. There are many benefits and downsides to utilizing the phone as a technique of communication and a few of them are roughly pronounced relying on whether or not you’re considering a land line or a cellular phone.

The basic advantages to a telephone.

Keeping in contact perhaps on a more common foundation, if for instance plans need to be changed shortly and a nose to nose meeting or a letter might take too lengthy For emergency situations, clearly a cellular phone could be particularly helpful in this way. It must also be remembered that a cellphone quantity is now required for many employment alternatives.

Save time & Cost.

Also cell phone is know-how, having reached such a degree as to now be miniaturized computers, offer access to a substantial quantity of info, entertainment and aid for customers. Such as Smart Phone became computer competitor and we use sensible telephone for addContent video, obtain apps, examine Email , make a video call using apps like Skype , google speak and so forth.

Disadvantages of Telephone:
Many people really feel that phones have made life extra hectic and work-orientated
precisely due to our ability, and growing infatuation, with being linked to our work, pals and companies twenty 4 hours a day. However, some analysis has also shown that the majority of cellphone use within the work locations is actually focused on entertainment and social communication. So, instead of communications technology increasing our work load, it could truly be growing our social obligations instead. However, there are some basic disadvantages to each land line and cellphone use as a technique of expertise.

To begin with:

Phone communication is less private in many ways and might result in miscommunication and misunderstanding As a way of communication it is more expensive than say, speaking Phones can elevate privacy issues not just over wire faucets. Crossed lines do still occur and familiarity with utilizing a phone can result in private conversations going down in otherwise public settings. Using sensible telephone individuals can record and addContent video which could possibly be private and private second or one thing like pornography. Which have an result on our life badly. Also other disadvantage like –

Prevent nose to nose conversation
Texting – detrimental to writing skill
May harm our capability to focus for any length of time
Stalking a bullying ( Like cyber bullying uploading offensive or personal video picture) Health risk – like radiation
These days advertising calls are being a head ache for everybody. Anonymous threats.
Sexual abuses.
Helps terrorism.