Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Human intelligence involves many skills such as problem solving, decision making, learning understanding and reflex actions. Many experts in AI have dreamt of creating machines that can imitate our human intelligence. This has led to many possibilities; however, the field of AI has to be understood from both sides of the coin.

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On the one hand, artificial intelligence has allowed the design of applications that can explore every part of the world that the human cannot visit. For example, in the field of space exploration, artificial intelligence’s machines explore universe parts that are totally hostile to human beings. Intelligent robots are programmed to excavation mining of fuel. These machines can also measure the depth of the oceans. Some of these sophisticated machines have replaced human beings in many fields that require manpower, time and money. Often, these tasks are harmful to humans and therefore programmed robots save people’s health in a big way.

On the other hand, the establishment of ethics, moral values and standards is difficult when humans are dominated by machines. Any amount of automation cannot create intelligence; it is only a human feature. No machine can show dedication or emotion s at work and we as human beings cannot live in a world that is only surrounded by machines. For example, in hospitality industry, robots cannot replace the care or concern shown by the hospital staff. Therefore, beyond a point, the capabilities of lateral thinking can probably get delayed if the daily tasks are just made for power cycle machines.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible that a machine can develop areas of knowledge very specific and complicated; making the machine can simulate processes which man performs. But we can highlight that it is not achieved yet a machine that can thing like a human. Indeed, this limitation is the fact that human beings are irreplaceable because human beings have an own feature: common sense.

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