Advantages and Disadvantages of Conformity

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1 September 2021

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The New Zealand Oxford dictionary defines conformity as accordance with established practise and agreement suitability. Conformity comes with many advantages and downsides. Conformity exists so folks don’t feel ignored. It additionally comes with many risks such as dropping your logic and forgetting whether or not what you’re doing is nice or unhealthy. An advantage of conformity is feeling that you’re not alone. You feel accepted and part of a bunch where will no person will decide you. An instance of this is Adolf Hitler and the Nazi get together.

Hitler influenced fellow Germans and Austrian’s that Jews needed to be killed off and did not should live, as well as homo-sexuals, gypsies, anybody mentally or physically handy-capped, communists and blacks. He conformed a bunch of no less than 46% of the German inhabitants to fight in opposition to these groups. Another advantage is faculty uniform, when everyone is dressed the identical. Others can’t go dissing their friends on whether or not they wear the same clothes each day or don’t have the newest high.

This means there is no battles between academics and students relating to what’s acceptable and what’s not.

School uniforms can set up a sense of discipline and self-control just like in the film ‘The Wave’. The class goes from mufti to a plain white shirt and denims to symbolize themselves as a bunch; and to face out and separate themselves from others. A major advantage in conformity is success and confidence. By conforming and copying others you feel a rush of success which helps you to gain confidence in your self, by dressing and acting the method in which your peers do.

You feel like you’re beginning to fit in, so that you turn out to be much more assured if you end up around them.

Trends start, and you start to evolve making you’re feeling a lot better about yourself. Conformity in the 1950’s was how new trends turned ‘it’. One individual needs to start out doing something and finally it becomes known. It can begin with a model new pair of sneakers, a dress-code, or maybe a music style. An instance of this is in the film ‘Mean Girls’. Cady strikes to a school in America initially being home-schooled in Africa. She joins the popular group in school who’re known as ‘The Plastics’. She learns that to remain in their group she has to evolve to them, such as solely being

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