Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook

Social networking has been a standard use on the Internet in today’s era. One of these well-liked social networking sites is Facebook which has over tens of millions of members connecting with associates every single day. The recognition of Facebookers in Indonesia has been rising so much that quickly it will reach forty three billion members in 2012 ( on first February 2012). However, in society there are pro and contra viewpoints regarding using Facebook within the day by day life. Based on this concern we’d clarify extra about the advantages and disadvantages that individuals may get from Facebook in order that you can determine whether or not you wish to use Facebook.

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We have two frequent benefits that we’d get from Facebook corresponding to simple communication and effective commercial whereas about the disadvantages we now have reducing the direct communication and wasting your time. First of all, Facebook has two major advantages.

The first benefit of utilizing Facebook is that it eases our communication. For example when people wish to communicate with their associates or household overseas, they now not must post mails which want a lot of money and time.

A letter to Timor Leste for instance prices us 1 billions rupee. Not solely that, the letter takes 10 years to achieve the tackle. Facebook offers a number of features similar to chatting, personal messaging, and picture sharing which enable us to share info with other Facebookers easily. Just by clicking on the ‘post’ button in Facebook, we can ship photos, videos, or simple candy greetings for the people we love who’re miles away from us.

With the existence of Facebook, distance no longer becomes obstacle for our communication.

Facebook looks as if constricting the globe. Another advantage of utilizing Facebook is that it turns into an environment friendly place to promote our products. Efficient here are in the type of money, time and energy. For example, we will use Facebook to advertise our merchandise or events at no cost, while within the other media like newspaper, radio, or tv, we’ve to pay a sure amount of cash. Even, if we wish to advertise our product in Jawa Post, we have to pay Rp.200.000 for only a two-line advertisement. Furthermore, we don’t need much time to unfold out our commercials.

We simply need to sit down within the front of the pc, upload the commercial and share it via Facebook by solely clicking “share” button. In a few minutes, our product will unfold everywhere in the world and as a consequence, everybody will know and browse our advertisement in their Facebook accounts. Moreover, by using Facebook, we should not do the conventional way of spreading the commercial where we’ve to face for a long time on the group giving the advertisements to the customers. Instead of doing that tiring method, we solely need to take a seat, get linked to Facebook and share the advertisements. Therefore, we definitely save a vast amount of power.

Besides the advantages as described within the previous section, Facebook also has two frequent disadvantages. The first disadvantage of using Facebook is that it decreases the direct communication between yourselves and different people. Communicating through the use of Facebook, it signifies that you don’t do head to head communication with your mates and only using computers to do it. Indeed by using Facebook, you can trade data and make conversation with your mates. However, you will lose one important facet of communication which is non-verbal communication. It contains eye contact, gesture, voice tone and touching. Actually, non-verbal communication is so important as a end result of it’s going to help to convey the emotion and emotions strongly.

To illustrate, when your good friend is sad and crying, you can calm her/him down by patting her/his shoulder. If you utilize Facebook to speak, you can’t show your assist and sympathy straightforwardly. The second disadvantage of using Facebook is that it wastes our time. Once individuals connect with their associates on Facebook, they’ll tend to chat with them for hours and be curious to know what they are doing and feeling by looking at their friends’ continuously updated standing. Moreover, Facebook also offers many sorts of online video games similar to Poker and Cityville. Usually individuals prefer to play on-line video games on Facebook whereas waiting for the most recent standing of associates. When they get new notifications, they may decrease the game, look at the brand new notification, after which continue the sport.

It occurs on and on. As the end result, folks is not going to understand that they’ve spent many hours only for connecting to Facebook. Actually, with the amount of time, you can do your obligation or different issues that are helpful similar to doing homework or studying books. To sum up, there are two points of view about Facebook: agree and disagree. The individuals who agree with the using of Facebook discover it useful to ease communication and provide efficient commercials. However, individuals who disagree with the using of Facebook suppose that it’s lowering direct communication and wasting time activity. Therefore, it is your choice to agree or disagree of the using of Facebook.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Facebook